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Andor Berg
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Andor Berg was a racing plane who competed in air races. In 2013 he was listed as one of planes to compete in the Wings Around the Globe air race, starting from 5th position, but never competed being replaced with Joey Dundee.


Name Andor Berg visible at the table with racer's names behind Judge Davis.

  • Name Andor Berg was listed on the table with Wings Around the Globe racers that stood behind Judge Davis at the opening of 2013 WATG race. There was never an character confirmed to bare this name, and all other race competitors were giving other names.
    • According to the table, he was supposed to start from 5th position, however in the movie, Joey Dundee, plane representing Australia, is staring from that position.
  • Many theories among film fans proposed that Andor Berg could be Kolya Ivanov, a plane representing Russia with number 19. It was due to fact, that he was the last character to get his name confirmed, which eventually happened with release of book Meet the Planes.