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Big D
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Crime Lord and Falsifier

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Mater Private Eye



Big D is a crime lord.


In Mater Private Eye, Big D is a mastermind of a counterfeit tire ring which made counterfeit Lightyear tires (labeled "Lite Yeer") that caused blowouts on those who were equipped with them. He had carnapped Tia's sister Mia.

He first was mentioned by Tia when she said that she last saw Mia working for Big D at his night club. Then at the night club, Mater asks Carmen if she's seen Mia anywhere, and Carmen says she saw her a few days ago with Big D, but with the smell of salt, like the ocean.

Then came the part when Big D actually appeared. When the Crane took Mater's boxes off, Mater got surrounded by Big D's henchmen. Then Big D came. Mater said that he will tell the DA. Then Big D says that he won't tell the DA anything. Then when he saw Lightning McQueen and some other police come, he said, "Oh, no! McQueen!" Then he tried to escape, but Mater moved the crane with his tow hook and made it drop a crate of tires on him, which were revealed as counterfeits. Then Lightning and the police arrested Big D.


Big D's real paint remains unknown, as he was only seen during the black and white part of Mater Private Eye.


Big D is modeled as a 1930 Duesenberg.


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  • His name has a reference to his model, "Big D" meaning his name is Big Duesenberg.
  • When he said that Mater won't tell the DA anything, he didn't say "You won't tell the DA anything," he said "You ain't telling the DA nothing," a lot like how Mater would say it.


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