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Big and Strong Again
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Luigi's Casa Della Tires


I Wanna Be a Monster Too!

Big and Strong Again is an event in Cars: Mater-National Championship. Unlike most events, this takes place in the explorable Radiator Springs, where Lightning must track down three parts in order for Luigi and Guido to give him Monster Truck tires.

Once all three parts are collected, Lightning can return to Luigi's Casa Della Tires, where Luigi and Guido will give him Monster Truck tires, unlocking Monster McQueen for story mode use.


(Lightning McQueen drives to Luigi's Casa Della Tires, where he finds Luigi.)

Luigi: Ah. Hello, my friend! You come-a for some tires?

Lightning McQueen: Yeah! Do you still have those big monster truck tires?

Luigi: Hmmm... Guido! The big tires. Where are they?

(Guido starts pondering for a small second.)

Luigi: Guido, you know. The big, big, BIG tires!

(Guido shrugs while shaking his hood.)

Luigi: Well, they did not just roll out of the tire rack and away of the store by themselves, did they? (Turns to Lightning.) Little problem with the big tires.

Lightning McQueen: No, I get it! They're around here somewhere... I'll go find them.

Luigi: Bellisimo. And then you come back, and-a we make you big and strong again!

Lightning McQueen: Uhh, you mean "bigger and "stronger", right?

Luigi: Right. Is what I said! Big and strong.



(Guido is stacking some whitewall tires, but a small tremble disalign them. Guido looks to the street, where Mike, Sulley and Fletcher are driving in, then realigns the tires, putting the fourth one last. The tires shake again, but Guido prevents the stack from getting bent again. Lightning McQueen comes out of a small garage with his monster truck gear on and revving his engine loudly.)

Lightning McQueen: KA-CHOW!!!! (Revs his engine again, with fire coming out of his tailpipes.) Sorry about the scary voice, it just kinda comes with the look!


Part locations

Part Location
SH mon tire icon.png
Behind the Radiator Springs Courthouse & Fire Department
SH mon shoc icon.png
In the trench behind the Radiator Cap
SH mon horn icon.png
In the middle of the main road


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