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CHoPs is a TV show inside the Cars universe that exists in Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

In Planes: Fire & Rescue, CHoPs is first shown when Dusty Crophopper, Lil' Dipper, Windlifter, Cabbie, Maru and the Smokejumpers watch a video cassette of the 25th episode "Disco Inferno" (hidden in a case for Howard the Truck so Blade won't discover it) in their base's main hangar one night. The show stars Blazin' Blade Ranger (who is the Air Attack team's commander) and Nick Loopin' Lopez, who were two choppers of the California Helicopter Patrol.

In "Disco Inferno", they are first shown arresting a criminal black and red American muscle car getting a parking boot on, named Chuck Shocks, for running station wagons off a road. Afterwards, they fly off to rescue a female car, named Pinta, from a structural fire at Studio 4x4, which Blade uses his hoist to pick her up. After finishing the job, officer Sergeant "Rhodey" Rhodes Graeter congratulates them for their work. The episode ends with Nick noting to Blade that Pinta has a sister named Peggy, to which Blade says to Nick, "Good move, partner." Drip, one of the Smokejumper members, suggests to watch the 38th episode "Supercopter", only for Cabbie to object, as saying that "this show stinks", implying that he simply dislikes parts of it.

During filming of the 139th episode, Nick was destroyed in a stunt accident, with Blade unable to save him in time. This resulted in the show being cancelled, along with Blade deciding to quit his job as an actor and work as a firefighter at Piston Peak National Park.


  • Cad Spinner is another known fan of this show, as he apparently knows Blade's role in the series and insults him as such.
  • The show is a parody of the real TV series CHiPs, which is about two officers, named Frank Poncherello and Jon Baker, working at the California Highway Patrol.
    • Rick Rosner, the creator of CHiPs, is also parodied as "Rick Rotor", along with Paul Rabwin, one of the show's producers and associate producers, being parodied as "Paul Rudderwin".
    • Lopez is voiced by Erik Estrada, who also played Ponch in CHiPs.
      • Coincidentally enough, CHiPs got cancelled after 139 episodes due to Erik being injured in a severe accident. Unlike Nick, he did not perish.
    • Additionally, CHiPs and CHoPs both lasted for 139 episodes (in the hangar, Dipper describes CHoPs as "139 episodes of law-breaking love").
    • Also, Piero Piluso, an animator of Planes: Fire & Rescue, watched every episode of CHiPs to ensure the accuracy of CHoPs.
    • Sergeant "Rhodey" Rhodes Graeter's name is also a pun on Ponch and Jon's commander Sergeant Joseph Getraer.
    • Nick and Blazin' Blade Ranger have the exact same helmets as Ponch and Jon.