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Canyon Run
Event Information

Road Race


West of the Wheel Well Motel


Finish The Upper Mine and Team Relay #3


1st place - 18 Bolt Banners


Stadium Race #3

Canyon Run is the ninth and final Road Race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

The race starts out on the road next to the large rock formation near the Wheel Well Motel, and heads into an extremely narrow tunnel. Once the racers exit, they have an option of three different paths; the top one is difficult to stay on, but leads into a shortcut, the second one is the normal path, and the lower path contains heavy sand that will weigh the vehicle down. All three paths eventually meet, and a curvy road follows, that will eventually lead the competitors to a straightaway. After this, there is a series of long turns, with small lines of heavy sand, again weighing a racer down if contact is made.

Shortly after the series of turns, the competitors drive along a straight road next to a giant wall of rock. However, boulders are falling down, and if one lands on a racer, it will dramatically decrease their speed. Once past, the racers can either take a large jump across a long canyon, or choose a safer route and drive around the canyon. Both paths lead to the long wooden bridge, and back to the finish line.

In story mode, the vehicle used is Lightning, and the opposing competitors include Koji, Philip, Gerald, and Yuri.


Stat Amount
Racers 5
Bolt Banners 18 (1st place)
Unlocks Stadium Race #3


If the player stays on the upper path after exiting the narrow tunnel, they can drive through another tunnel, and jump over one of the arrow signs, avoiding two sharp turns.

Shortly after the previous shortcut, there is a narrow path that can be entered by driving in between two warning gates. This will take the player along a dirt path, while skipping a long turn.

Finally, after driving past the cliff with falling boulders, if the player stays to the left, they can drive up a very tall ramp, which will take the player on an enormous jump across a wide canyon.




  • This is the only race in Cars: Mater-National Championship to run with two laps.
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