The Car Finder is an interactive game that was included on the Blu-ray edition of the Cars movie.


Once the game is started, you are given five different character images at the bottom of the screen. When that character appears on screen, you have to press the character image with your remote. Once the character is found, a new character will appear, and that character will have its bio unlocked in the Car Guide.

The objective of the game to find all 217 cars in the movie, and unlock their bios in the Car Guide, similar to the Bios from The Henry Stickmin Collection.



  • When you are on the first stage again once you beat the game, your car menu is only characters from the flashback scene instead of Piston Cup-related characters. On Stage 2, you will get all of the Piston Cup racers, making it near impossible to complete the game.
  • When Mater is talking about the game, in the top left corner it says he has missed 36 cars.
  • The Car-Finder game marks the only mention or appearances of Darrel Draggered, Buck Schooner, Kurt Shiftright, Kraig Shiftright, Klint Shiftright, Frank Motorkrass, Zach Motorkrass and Dave Motorkrass
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