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The Carate School is a famous karate school in Tokyo and a location in Cars 2.

This school is a big Japanese school where some good teachers teach Carate, Carkido and Car Fu to their students.

The symbol

The school's symbol is a wheel shaped like a flower, that is drawn on the students' red headbands.

The students and the school

The students are called Carate Headbands and they are students of different ages. They trained themselves with some bricks and wooden boards. These objects are seen when the students exit from the school. The school is a room built as an old Japanese building.


  • Carate, Carkido and Car Fu are parodies of Karate, Aikido and Kung Fu. However, the DVD and Blu-ray subtitles on Cars 2 show the normal spelling of karate.
  • The symbol of the school is similar to a Cars version of the Seal of Tokyo.