This article is about the character from the comics. For information about the character from Cars Land, see Carla (Cars Land).
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Green, black, white

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Don't Look Back!

"Maybe we should call a sheriff, Cruz?"
Aunt Carla, Don't Look Back!

Aunt Carla is the mother of Pablo and Victor Ramirez, and the aunt of Cruz Ramirez.


In Don't Look Back!, she comes to watch her sons and niece being trained under Martin Bearing. While Cruz is having an argument with Martin, Carla suggests they call a sheriff, but then agrees they should have one after Martin leaves.


  • "Very nice idea about a sheriff! They didn't even know that it would took a week for sheriff to arrive!" - Don't Look Back!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Тётя Карла Aunt Carla
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