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"I did not believe this place was real, Senhor Mater."
Carla Veloso, Cars 2: The Video Game

Carla Veloso is a Brazilian race car who takes part of the World Grand Prix.


Cars 2

Carla racing in Tokyo

In Cars 2, Carla is a Brazilian race car who competes as the only female racer (similar to Misti Motorkrass), the #8, for the World Grand Prix. She is seen in all three races and also in the one at Radiator Springs. She finished third in the Tokyo race, and was also seen in the Porto Corsa race in the third position. However, during the Porto Corsa race, Carla's engine blew out, due to Grem aiming the Lemons' modified WGP Camera at her. In London she was seen in the back in 8th place. After passing through the Admiralty Arch she was seen in 9th place, in front of Raoul ÇaRoule and Rip Clutchgoneski. She was seen at the Radiator Springs Grand Prix race, talking with Shu Todoroki. During the race she was seen in 3rd place like usual however her position dropped to 4th due to Mater passing everyone with his rockets.

Cars 2: The Video Game

In Cars 2: The Video Game, Carla is a playable character, unlocked once access to Clearance Level 2 is granted. She is a medium weight, and has more speed than she does power.

Disney Infinity

In Disney Infinity, Carla can be seen as an opponent during races in the Cars Play Set.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

Carla about to race against Mater (in his Tokyo paint job) on his track

Carla appears as a playable character in Cars: Fast as Lightning, unlocked by earning all of her stickers, which can be obtained by completing all of Miguel Camino's races. She has four additional paint jobs, Carnaval, Quente, ICE and Neon Carla, all of which can be unlocked by completing practice races at Carla's Track, obtaining all of their corresponding stickers. She has her own home, Carla's Pit, which is also where she parks in the player's town.

Other appearances

In A Friend in Trouble, Carla and her team have noticed that their equipment has gone missing, so she and Lightning team up to find them. They find the objects, but also receive help from other competitors and teams.

General information

Physical description


CARS 2 - Carla Veloso

Carla is a 2009 Le Motor B12 Prototype which is based on the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP prototype race car. She is painted green and blue, with a large blue spoiler sporting the World Grand Prix logo on it. She has blue rims, and grey and orange headlights. She has white dots on her doors and hood.

Personality and traits

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Although Carla is a friendly competitor, it reveals in Cars 2: The Video Game that she can play dirty when the player makes her side-bash another car.


Profiles and statistics

Cars 2

  • Bios
    • "Carla hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she's been known to dance the night away at the famous 'CAR-nival' but nothing makes her happier than being on the racetrack. Carla was drafted into the 24-hour endurance racing team in Europe after setting a new track record on her local circuit. Now, in the World Grand Prix, this proud Brazilian Le Motor Prototype racer, wearing #8, is the only female in the field."

Cars 2: The Video Game

  • Bio
    • "From the Car-nivals of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil comes Carla Veloso. This extravagant racer set a track record at the local Interlagos circuit, joined the European 24-hour endurance racing ream, and has won many trophies around the world."
  • Stats
    • Weight class: Medium
    • Speed: 60
    • Power: 40
    • Torque: 0.66666666666
    • Nitro: 20

Cars: Fast as Lightning



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  • "Ayy! Does your mother know you hit ladies?" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "(Gasp) How wonderful!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "No, no, no, no, nooo!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Humph! I can play dirty too!" - Cars: Fast as Lightning & Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "How wonderful!" - Cars: Fast as Lightning & Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Ohh! This time, I am ready!" - Cars 2: The Video Game & Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "Oh! I can turbo now, yes?" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "There is one spot in the winner's circle!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Time to do some amazing tricks, no?" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Ha haaa! Yess!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "You're so cute trying to be so fast." - Cars 2: The Video Game, AppMATes, & Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "No, no! This is a race! You are supposed to move FAST!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Are you sure you should be racing?" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "You're lucky I'm in a good mood!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "So sweet to let me pass! Mmmuah!" - Cars 2: The Video Game and AppMATes
  • "I love the turbo power!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "I learned this on the dance floor!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Let's do this!" - Cars 2: The Video Game & Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • "Stop, STOOOOOP!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • ''Oh no! Do not mess with me when my RPMs are high!'' - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Off I go! Ha ha haa!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Oh YES!!!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Aww! Beautiful, peaceful, and sideways!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "Smooth and simple!" - Cars 2: The Video Game
  • "What? You no let the lady go FIRST?!!?" - Cars 2: The Video Game

Names in other languages

  • Polish: Carla Turbinha
  • Russian: Карла Гоньяло (transcription: Karla Gonyalo)


  • In the Brazilian version of Cars 2, Carla replaces Jeff Gorvette and becomes the car Lightning McQueen meets along with Lewis Hamilton at the World Grand Prix opening party. Unlike the English versions, her speaking role expands. In this dub, her performer is the singer Claudia Leitte.
    • Also, in said dub, McQueen calls her by nickname, "Carlinha," which means "Lil' Carla."
  • According to concept art, Carla was originally going to be named Sonia Santana.
  • During the development of Cars 2, Carla was originally going to be German and named "Marlina Wolfsburg".
  • In Cars 2: The Video Game (the DS version only), Carla's engine is exploded by Grem at the Paris race.
  • Coincidentally, Carla is also the eighth model (just like her number) in the Cars 2 die-cast number listing.
  • In Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, the player as a car is the same model as Carla Veloso if the player is a female.
  • In Cars 2: World Grand Prix Read and Race, the first racing car has the same body as Carla Veloso, but is blue instead of green.
  • In Lightning Speed her last name is accidentally misspelled with an "a" at the end instead of an "o" making it spelt as "Velosa"
  • Carla is the only female racer in the WGP.
  • Her pits in Porto Corsa incorrectly has the flag and surname for Rip Clutchgoneski rather than her's.
  • Shu and Carla are the only Le Mans model in the competition.
  • Her pitties' model are same as Alex Machino.
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