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Cars: Fast as Lightning
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Disney Interactive




Windows Phone

Release date

October 9, 2014


City-building, racing

Cars: Fast as Lightning was a customizable racing game that was released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone on October 9, 2014, featuring the characters from the Cars franchise.

It was shut down in 2016 before the release of Cars 3.


Cars: Fast as Lightning combines elements of several different games, including Disney Infinity, Clash of Clans, CityVille, Nemo's Reef, and many others, and combines them into a customizable racing game using characters from the popular franchise. Players have a town that they can customize by constructing buildings and decorations that will provide them with coins. Coins can be used to purchase new buildings, as well as upgrade cars. Additionally, gems serve as a rarer type of currency, obtainable via real money, daily challenges or the Gem Mine.

In addition to the town, race tracks are customizable as well, with more tracks being unlocked as players progress through the game. Tracks can be customized with different types of road pieces, including curves, hills and more. These road pieces will give the player opportunities to perform tricks during races, awarding the player with a short boost.

In races, the player can do many different things to make themselves successful, including boosting, boost starting, performing tricks, or gaining XP. The XP meter will fill as the player gains XP, and when it fills, the player will be moved to the next level, unlocking new buildings and decorations.

Daily and weekly challenges are also featured as a way to obtain currency and friends can be added through social media or by sharing friend codes.


Cars: Fast as Lightning uses a very simplified control scheme, consisting primarily of simple taps. When a player's car drives over a blue circle on a track, it will provide the player with a short boost if the screen is tapped while on one. Tricks can be performed by sliding a finger in the direction the arrow is demonstrating.

The pedal in the bottom right of the screen must be held in order for the player to accelerate. At the start of the race, if the pedal is tapped when the "Go!" sign appears, a boost start will be awarded to the player.

Game modes


The town is where all of the buildings are stored, each one awarding coins to the player. As more buildings are placed, more currency will be awarded when the player opens the game up. In order to expand the town, a fee must be payed in order for Bessie, the cranes, pitties and bulldozers to pave a new road. Each time an extension is bought, the next extension will cost higher.

All of the players' cars will be seen driving around town, alongside Sarge and Lizzie. Occasionally, a car will want to go to a certain building, and when they are brought to it, the player will be awarded with either an XP star, a coin, a fuel can or a gem.

Various unique buildings can be built to, including the Dinoco Stand, Gem Mine, Car Wash, and Movie Theater.


In order to progress in the game, the player must continually race against various different opponents. The ones that will award trophies are displayed next to the finish line of whatever track the player is playing on, with various different cars driving around the track. These cars can be raced against for additional XP, as well as a chance to earn a sticker for a new paint job.

The practice cars can either be AI characters or human players, with computer characters using the image of the character, with human players having a blue "friend" icon.


Playable characters

There are a total of 31 playable characters in Cars: Fast as Lightning, consisting of 13 Cars characters, 10 Cars Toons characters and 7 Cars 2 characters. Todd Marcus is the only car that is unlocked after the tutorial, and all other cars must be unlocked by earning their stickers.

Unlocking criteria

Unlike previous Cars games, Cars: Fast as Lightning uses an orderly unlocking system. Once every race is won as one character, the next one will be unlocked, and so forth. Winning these races will provide the player with a "sticker". Once all of these are collected and every race is the won, the next character will be unlocked.

Each character has 2 extra paint jobs, which can be unlocked by earning stickers in practice races.

Other characters


Buildings, Decorations, and Track Pieces



Name Cost Unlocking criteria
Luigi's Casa Della Tires Free Go to Radiator Springs
Radiator Springs Curios Free Go to Radiator Springs
House of Body Art Free Go to Radiator Springs
Flo's V8 Cafe None None
Todd's Pit 5,000 coins Unlock Todd Marcus
Cozy Cone Motel 100 gems N/A
Chick's Pit 7,500 coins Unlock Chick Hicks
Nightclub 200 gems N/A
Fillmore's Taste-In 300 gems N/A
Pyotr's Pit 350 gems N/A
Mater's Towing & Salvage 400 gems N/A
Shu's Pit 500 gems N/A
Francesco's Pit 600 gems N/A
Courthouse 10,000 coins Unlocking Fillmore's track
Mrs. Piston 12,000 coins Reach experience level 7
Guido's Italian Ice Shop 42,000 coins Unlock Guido
Rusty Bumper 46,000 coins Reach experience level 9
Police Station 48,000 coins Reach experience level 11
Wimpy's Wipers TBA Reach experience level 14
Emporium Repair TBA Reach experience level 16
SnotRod's Gym 56,000 coins Unlock SnotRod
Office Building 90,000 coins Unlock DJ's track
Wingo's Digs 64,000 coins Unlock Wingo

110,000 coins

Unlock Boost's track
Pop 'n' Patch Tire Repair 145,000 coins Unlock Carla's track
Boost's Nitro Shop 100,000 coins Unlock Boost
Visitor Center 150,000 coins Unlock Shu's track
Miguel's Pit 120,000 coins Unlock Miguel Camino
Sparky's Spark Plug 190,000 coins Unlock Raoul's Track
Carla's Pit 130,000 coins Unlock Carla Veloso
Fire Station 220,000 coins Reach experience level 37
Raoul's Pit 175,000 coins Unlock Raoul ÇaRoule
Racing Museum 260,000 coins Unlock Finn's Track
Holley's Hideout 205,000 coins Unlock Holley Shiftwell
McMissile's Pad 240,000 coins Unlock Finn McMissile
Sarge's Surplus Hut TBA Unlock Francesco's track
Ornament Valley Airport 82,000 coins Unlocking Wingo's track
Lightning's Pit 320,000 coins Unlock Lightning McQueen
Max's Pit 300,000 coins Unlock Max Schnell
Long Ge's Pit TBA Unlock Long Ge
Komodo's Pit TBA Unlock Komodo
Yokoza's Pit TBA Unlock Yokoza
Ice Shop 450 gems N/A
Igloo 450 gems N/A


Name Cost Unlocking criteria
Mega Screen 1,000 coins Unlock Chick Hicks
Neon Sign 10 gems N/A
Radiator Spring 20 gems N/A
Street Light 60 coins N/A
Flame Fountain 80 gems N/A
Spy Relay 50 gems N/A
Arcade Games 60 gems N/A
Tokyo Street Lights 90 gems N/A
Organic Oil Stand 5 gems Unlock Fillmore
Red Flowers 2,000 coins Reach experience level 5
Mailbox 5,000 coins Reach experience level 7
Mator Statue 3,000 coins Unlock Mater
Motorama Girls Billboard 4,000 coins Unlock Flo
Blue Flowers 8,000 coins Unlock Sheriff's track
Gear Statue 6,000 coins Unlock Luigi
Wind Turbine 7,000 coins Unlock Guido
Water Tower 9,000 coins Reach experience level 18
Graffiti Wall 10,000 coins Unlock Wingo
Clock Tower 25,000 coins Reach experience level 24
Super Subwoofers 15,000 coins Unlock DJ
Weather Vane TBA Unlock Francesco's track
Solar Panels 20,000 coins Unlock Miguel Camino
Vending Machines 80 gems N/A
Cherry Blossom Tree 22,500 coins Unlock Shu Todoroki
Well TBA Reach experience level 39
Poster Kiosk TBA Unlock Raoul ÇaRoule
Turbo Fan TBA Reach experience level 47
Parasol TBA Unlock Francesco Bernoulli
Doc Hudson Statue TBA Unlock Lightning McQueen
Celebration Lanterns TBA Unlock Long Ge
Motor Mobile 17,500 coins Unlock Boost
Neon Pavilion 70 gems N/A


Track Pieces

Name Cost Unlocking criteria
Hot Springs 25 gems N/A
Steep Curve 1,000 coins Reach experience level 3
Wild Well 500 gems N/A
Surplus Storage 500 gems N/A
Crazy Loop 25 gems N/A
Frozen Loop 75 gems N/A
Pretzel Loop TBA Reach experience level 8
Desert Curve TBA Reach experience level 12
Barrier Turn TBA Reach experience level 15
Oil Spill TBA Reach experience level 19
Whipsnap Raceway TBA Reach experience level 25
Steep Hill TBA Reach experience level 43
Bumpy Road 1,000 coins Beat Fillmore as Todd Marcus
Cliffhanger 20 gems N/A
Construction Site 50 gems N/A
Stunt Cannons 100 gems N/A
Zigzag 600 coins Reach experience level 5
Toll Booth TBA Reach experience level 10
Car Wash (track piece) TBA Reach experience level 17
Rocky Loop TBA Reach experience level 20
Rocky Half-Pipe TBA Reach experience level 31
Corkscrew Loop TBA Reach experience level 35
Geyser Jump 20,000 coins Reach experience level 40

River Jump

20,000 coins Reach experience level 46

Neon Panel Jump

115 gems N/A
Russian Bridge 24,000 coins N/A
Hockey Rink 125 gems N/A


Name Cost Unlocking criteria
Souvenir Tent 10 gems N/A
Blue Blimp 100 coins Beat Mater as Todd Marcus
Inflatable Arch 100 coins Reach experience level 3
Dinoco Tent 20 gems N/A
Dinoco Sign 40 gems NA
Piston Boulder 30 gems N/A
Skybox 60 gems N/A
Japanese Arch 80 gems N/A
Flaming Arch 100 gems N/A
Big-O-Vision 120 gems N/A
Loudspeakers TBA Reach experience level 4
Bleachers TBA Reach experience level 6
Gear Balloon TBA Reach experience level 8
McMissile Banners TBA Reach experience level 10
Gearsley Banners TBA Reach experience level 12
Rust-eze Tent TBA Reach experience level 16
Grand Prix Banner TBA Reach experience level 19
Floodlights TBA Reach experience level 20
Paris Banners TBA Reach experience level 21
Francesco Balloon TBA Reach experience level 23
Leaderboard TBA Reach experience level 26
Gameloft Tent TBA Reach experience level 29
V8 Café Sunset Banner TBA Reach experience level 32
First Aid Tent TBA Reach experience level 34
Rocky Arch TBA Reach experience level 37
Tokyo Banners TBA Reach experience level 39
Lightning Balloon TBA Reach experience level 42
Francesco Banner TBA Reach experience level 44
AV Tower TBA Unlock Shu Todoroki


Each character comes with a number of races, each against a different opponent. Winning a race will award the player a sticker for the next unlockable car.

Todd Marcus

  1. Fillmore
  2. Tow Mater
  3. Chick Hicks

Chick Hicks

  1. Tow Mater
  2. Flo
  3. Luigi
  4. Guido
  5. Sheriff
  6. Fillmore


  1. Todd Marcus
  2. Flo
  3. Sheriff
  4. SnotRod
  5. Wingo
  6. Tow Mater

Tow Mater

  1. Rookie Green Todd Marcus
  2. Chick Hicks
  3. Sheriff
  4. SnotRod
  5. Wingo
  6. DJ
  7. Boost
  8. Flo


  1. Chick Hicks
  2. Fillmore
  3. Sheriff
  4. Golden Champion Todd Marcus
  5. DJ
  6. Boost
  7. Miguel Camino
  8. Luigi


  1. Purple Rage Chick Hicks
  2. Todd Marcus
  3. Tow Mater
  4. Tie-Dye Fillmore
  5. SnotRod
  6. Wingo
  7. Carla Veloso
  8. Guido


  1. Fillmore
  2. Flo
  3. Tow Mater
  4. Golden Champion Todd Marcus
  5. Chick Hicks
  6. DJ
  7. Boost
  8. Sheriff


  1. Flo
  2. Mater the Greater Tow Mater
  3. Luigi
  4. Flower Power Fillmore
  5. Wingo
  6. Miguel Camino
  7. Carla Veloso
  8. SnotRod


  1. Luigi
  2. Lightning Fan Guido
  3. Rookie Green Todd Marcus
  4. Chick Hicks
  5. Fillmore
  6. Flo
  7. Tokyo Tow Mater
  8. Wingo


  1. Tokyo Tow Mater
  2. Italian Racer Luigi
  3. Guido
  4. Retro Sheriff
  5. Miguel Camino
  6. Carla Veloso
  7. Shu Todoroki
  8. DJ


  1. Ranger Sheriff
  2. Femme Fatale Flo
  3. Tie-Dye Fillmore
  4. Purple Rage Chick Hicks
  5. SnotRod
  6. Shu Todoroki
  7. Raoul ÇaRoule
  8. Boost


  1. Golden Champion Todd Marcus
  2. Tokyo Tow Mater
  3. Lightning Pit Car Guido
  4. Italian Racer Luigi
  5. Wingo
  6. Carla Veloso
  7. Raoul ÇaRoule
  8. Miguel Camino

Miguel Camino

  1. Neon SnotRod
  2. Party Time Wingo
  3. Stay Gold DJ
  4. Calm & Collected Boost
  5. Sheriff
  6. Shu Todoroki
  7. Holley Shiftwell
  8. Carla Veloso

Carla Veloso

  1. Todd Marcus
  2. Chick Hicks
  3. Tow Mater
  4. Flower Power Fillmore
  5. Ice Queen Flo
  6. Raoul ÇaRoule
  7. Finn McMissile
  8. Shu Todoroki

Shu Todoroki

  1. Lightning Fan Luigi
  2. Lightning Pit Car Guido
  3. Neon Wingo
  4. Sheriff
  5. Neon Boost
  6. Miguel Camino
  7. Francesco Bernoulli
  8. Raoul ÇaRoule

Raoul ÇaRoule

  1. Fillmore
  2. Neon DJ
  3. Flo
  4. Jet-Black SnotRod
  5. Mater the Greater Tow Mater
  6. Spanish Flag Miguel Camino
  7. Carnaval Carla Veloso
  8. Holley Shiftwell

Holley Shiftwell

  1. Tow Mater
  2. Luigi
  3. Todd Marcus
  4. Guido
  5. Retro Sheriff
  6. Tokyo Nights Shu Todoroki
  7. Italian Wonder Francesco Bernoulli
  8. Finn McMissile

Finn McMissile

  1. Tow Mater
  2. Fillmore
  3. Femme Fatale Flo
  4. Ranger Sheriff
  5. Boost
  6. Quente Carla Veloso
  7. French Flag Raoul ÇaRoule
  8. Francesco Bernoulli

Francesco Bernoulli

  1. Lightning Fan Luigi
  2. Lightning Fan Guido
  3. DJ
  4. Wingo
  5. SnotRod
  6. Japanese Flag Shu Todoroki
  7. Para España Miguel Camino
  8. Lightning McQueen

Lightning McQueen

  1. Tow Mater (only during training modes)
  2. Rookie Green Todd Marcus
  3. Dinoco Chick Hicks
  4. Neon Boost
  5. Para España Miguel Camino
  6. Shu Todoroki
  7. Carla Veloso
  8. Raoul ÇaRoule
  9. Francesco Bernoulli

Max Schnell

  1. Mater
  2. Boost
  3. Miguel Camino
  4. Carla Veloso
  5. Shu Todoroki
  6. Raoul ÇaRoule
  7. Francesco Bernoulli
  8. Lightning McQueen

Pyotr Racinov

  1. Winter Tow Mater
  2. ICE Miguel Camino
  3. ICE Raoul ÇaRoule
  4. ICE Carla Veloso
  5. ICE Shu Todoroki
  6. ICE Francesco Bernoulli
  7. ICE Max Schnell
  8. ICE Lightning McQueen

Long Ge

  1. Winter Tow Mater
  2. Ice Queen Flo
  3. Bohemian Dragon Fillmore
  4. ICE Max Schnell
  5. ICE Carla Veloso
  6. ICE Pyotr Racinov
  7. ICE Shu Todoroki
  8. Eastern Breeze Lightning McQueen


  1. Tokyo Tow Mater
  2. Neon DJ
  3. Police Car Holley Shiftwell
  4. Airport Security Finn McMissile
  5. Neon Boost
  6. Neon Komodo Komodo
  7. Neon Todoroki Shu Todoroki
  8. Neon McQueen Lightning McQueen


  1. Neon Max Max Schnell
  2. Neon Wingo
  3. Neon Carla Carla Veloso
  4. Neon Camino Miguel Camino
  5. Neon Çaroule Raoul ÇaRaoule
  6. Neon Francesco Francesco Bernoulli
  7. Neon McQueen Lightning McQueen
  8. Neon Todoroki Shu Todoroki

The cars' homes

  • Todd Marcus - Todd's Pit
  • Chick Hicks - Chick's Pit
  • Fillmore - Fillmore's Taste In
  • Tow Mater - Mater's Towing and Salvage
  • Flo - Flo's V8 Cafe
  • Luigi - Luigi's Casa Della Tires
  • Guido - Rusty Bumper (sometimes) and Guido's Italian Ice Shop
  • Sheriff - Courthouse
  • SnotRod - SnotRod's Gym
  • Wingo - Wingo's Digs
  • DJ - Nightclub
  • Boost - Boost's Nitro Shop
  • Miguel Camino - Miguel's Pit
  • Carla Veloso - Carla's Pit
  • Shu Todoroki - Shu's Pit
  • Raoul ÇaRoule - Raoul's Pit
  • Holley Shiftwell - Holley's Hideout
  • Finn McMissile - McMissile's Pad
  • Francesco Bernoulli - Francesco's Pit
  • Lightning McQueen - Lightning's Pit
  • Long Ge - Long Ge's Pit
  • Komodo - Komodo's Pit
  • Yokoza - Yokoza's Pit

Strangely, Shifty Sidewinder, Idle Threat, Blue Grit, Sandy Dunes, Lizzie, and Sarge do not have any homes for no reason. All they do is drive around the town.



This update included some minor bug fixes and overall improvements created from feedback that the game received. In addition to these fixes, a new feature was added, allowing certain buildings to go on sale for a limited amount of time.


The setting was changed to a Christmas theme, with new decorations and track pieces, along with Max Schnell added as a playable character.

Later, downloadable content that has a theme of the Chinese New Year was released.


Content from the Ice Racers die-cast line was added, including the character Pyotr Racinov.

Later, more decorations and Long Ge were added.


Content from the Neon Racers die-cast line was added, including decorations and track pieces themed after Tokyo, and Tokyo Mater characters Komodo and Yokoza.

Later, Shifty Sidewinder, Idle Threat, Blue Grit, and Sandy Dunes were added, and a couple of minor bugs were fixed.


Development for the game was most likely started sometime in late 2013/early 2014, with the game being confirmed and shown off at E3. Initially, the release date was simply known as "Q3 2014", but an official date was set three days prior to the game's release.

Promotion and advertising

YouTube trailers

On October 6, 2014, Gameloft released a teaser trailer to its official YouTube channel, showing off some minor gameplay elements, alongside the official release date of October 9, 2014.

A launch trailer was released on the same day the game released, showing off more features that the game contains, including various clips of races on different tracks, as well as the town.

Gameloft have also released trailers for each of the updates.


Cars: Fast as Lightning received generally positive reviews, its main praises being its smooth and detailed animations and the way it combines city-building elements with Cars characters. The game was criticized, however, for its simplistic gameplay, with some reviewers stating "It's probably too simplistic for anyone except youngsters."

On Metacritic, it has been met with positive reviews, though it is still awaiting two more reviews for an overall score to be posted.

Beta elements

Main article: List of Cars: Fast as Lightning beta elements

As not very much information was known prior to its release date, little was changed in the final product, the only difference being the music, which was originally the Cars: Race-O-Rama main theme, but was instead changed to an entirely new music track.


Main article: Cars: Fast as Lightning/Staff

Gameloft is the primary developer of Cars: Fast as Lightning, with some of the voice actors being Owen Wilson (Lightning McQueen), Larry the Cable Guy (Tow Mater), Jerry Trainor (Todd Marcus), Katherine Helmond (Lizzie), Jossara Jinaro (Carla Veloso), Martin Jarvis (Finn McMissile), Emily Mortimer (Holley Shiftwell), and many more.

References to other media

  • Cars - Flo mentions her life as a Motorama Girl, a deleted plot element for this film called "Motorama Girls". Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks also use their Dinoco paint schemes from this film.
  • Cars: Mater-National Championship - Ornament Valley Airport re-appears in this game, its previous appearance only being in Mater-National.
  • Mater the Greater - Mater uses his Mater the Greater paint job from this short, while the Stunt Cannons trick animation is similar to Mater's stunt, but with a Lightning McQueen-like design.
  • Tokyo Mater - Mater uses his Tokyo attire from this short. The trick animation for Construction Site is similar to the way Tokyo Mater and Lightning Dragon McQueen slide through the halfpipe.
  • Cars 2 - Luigi and Guido have their Lightning Fan attire as alternate paint jobs, and the Wild Well trick is rather similar to the stunt Finn McMissile pulls in this film. Also, the track pieces in the 1.3.0 update include one taken from a Japanese television show where a car has to jump through different giant road signs.
  • Cars 2: The Video Game - Several characters' recordings are reused for this game, like "Flower power, man!" "I will dominate!" "A-ha-haaaaa! I, will drive circles around them all." "The competition will be no competition." "Let's do this!" "Francesco must leave you behind now!" "Here we go, then!" and many others.


For this subject's image gallery, see Cars: Fast as Lightning/Gallery.


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Main article: Cars: Fast as Lightning/Glitches

Cars drive through one another

This glitch is common when the player is looking at their town. Whenever a car is sent to a building, it will go straight to said building, driving through another car if there is one in its path, rather than driving around it like they normally would.


  • This is the final time Michael Keaton voices Chick Hicks. Bob Peterson assumes the role from Cars 3 onwards.
  • Snot Rod's name is spelled as "SnotRod".
  • Several construction vehicles bear resemblances to certain characters. The pitties are identical to Muggsy Liftsome from Cars 2, while the bulldozers are identical to the ones seen in El Materdor, and the cranes are identical to the ones in Tokyo Mater.
  • When Chick Hicks goes on Luigi's track with his Purple Rage paint job, it reveals that he starts being nice to his opponents. Although, he is playing a trick on Luigi.
  • Lightning McQueen's Dinoco paint scheme is called "Champion".
  • The game was shut down in the United States. That means that it is no longer downloadable.
  • Ramone is mentioned but he is not in the game, for some reason.


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