This is a list of glitches in the game Cars: Mater-National Championship.


Out of sync voices

Sometimes a character will say a line of dialogue without their mouths moving, particularly by AI drivers. Characters may move their mouths without saying anything, as well. This glitch is present in all versions of the game.

RV park glitch

If an AI character somehow enters the RV park before the start/finish line, they will be reset an entire lap ahead of the player, though the opponent is still technically behind them. This glitch is present on both Ornament Valley Airport and Team Relay 2, both of which use the same track path.

Inside the Turkey

In story mode and arcade mode, the road race Inside the Turkey may have trouble determining the placement of the five racers, due to there being multiple paths, creating confusion.

Team Relay 3 selection glitch

If the player selects the event icon for Team Relay 3 while going at least 99mph, the game will begin to emit a screeching noise, the sound depending on what speed the player is currently at.

Rustbucket Race 4

When the player or computer character goes off of the track, sometimes the car will be temporarily invisible and impenetrable when reset.

The levitating Tractor

In the sixth and final level of Tractor Tipping, the Tractor that is located on top of one of the rising platforms will levitate, if the platform is lowered, regardless of whether or not the Tractor was tipped.

Falling Frank

This glitch can be found in all Tractor Tipping levels. Occasionally, Frank may sink into the ground in specific areas, due to imperfect collision data.

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