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Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures
Game Information

AWE Games




Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X

Release date

June 6, 2006



Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures is the second video game in the Cars series. It was released exclusively for the PC on June 6, 2006, the same day as Cars: The Video Game, and three days prior to the release of Cars, despite both games taking place after the film. Unlike other Cars video games, Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures has no main storyline, and instead has a variety of minigames for players to experience, which can be completed in any order, with the exception of Chopper-Hopper, which is unlocked after all ten other games are played at least once.



The activity selection screen.1

There are ten different activities featured in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures, all of which take the player to a different type of minigame. These minigames each have a different goal, whether it be dancing with Ramone, or filling up customers with gas.

Each activity has a separate set of records for the player to set. If the player beats their fastest time in an activity, they will unlock a new paint job for Lightning McQueen.

Legends Race

Legends Races are races against certain characters, each one harder than the last. In order to unlock each one, all activies must be completed, and the Legends Races are unlocked in a linear progression. Like in the activities, records are kept of players' fastest times.

Lightning McQueen's Racing HQ

Player records and unlockable information can be found here.


Various options can be modified here, such as music and audio settings.

High Scores

A log of the player's high scores is kept here, including the best times for activities, as well as best times for legends races.


Player information can be modified here.

Customize car

Lightning McQueen has several different unlockable paint jobs. To unlock one, the player must beat their fastest time in an activity. The unlocking criteria for each paint job is as follows:

Paint job Criteria
Paint Job #1 Beat your fastest time for Tractor Roundup.
Paint Job #2 Beat your fastest time for Radiator Springs Curios.
Paint Job #3 Beat your fastest time for Fill 'Er Up.
Paint Job #4 Beat your fastest time for Luigi's Fantastico Fun!.
Paint Job #5 Beat your fastest time for Tow the Line.
Paint Job #6 Beat your fastest time for Sarge's Boot Camp.
Paint Job #7 Beat your fastest time for Hip-Hop it up.
Paint Job #8 Beat your fastest time for Drive-in And Out.
Paint Job #9 Beat your fastest time for Doc's Tune-up.
Paint Job #10 Beat your fastest time for Speed Trap.


There are four short clips from Cars to unlock, along with the credits of the game, which are unlocked by default. The unlocking criteria for each movie is as follows:

Movie Criteria
Movie #1 Finish all ten default activities
Movie #2 Unlock all ten paint jobs for Lightning McQueen.
Movie #3 Finish all legend races.
Movie #4 Unlock all photo options.



Default activites

Unlockable activities

Legends Races

To unlock a Legends Race, the player must win the corresponding minigame, and must have completed the previous legends race.

  1. Chick Hicks
  2. Doc Hudson
  3. Sheriff
  4. Ramone
  5. Sarge
  6. Mater
  7. Luigi
  8. Flo
  9. Lizzie
  10. Tractor

Cheat codes

  • Unlock all movies - movie
  • Unlock all photos - photo
  • Unlock all paint jobs - paint
  • Unlock all legends races - ladder
  • Show gear shifting - shift
  • Unlock Chopper-Hopper - TRGTEXC


References to other media

  • Cars: Many of the characters and locations that debuted in this film make appearances.
  • Cars: The Video Game: All six of Mater's cousins that debuted in this game return. Additionally, many models and textures are reused, including ones for characters. Many of the minigames are similar to those found in the DS version of Cars: The Video Game. Most of the music from Cars: The Video Game, such as Free Ride, C'mon Let's Go, and Rock This Town also return.

Names in other languages

  • Polish: Przygody w Chłodnicy Górskiej
  • Russian: Тачки: Весёлые гонки (transcription: Tachky: Veselie gonky, meaning: Cars: The Funny Racing)


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  • This is the first game that doesn't have an open world.
  • This game marks the first time Rotor Turbosky speaks.
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