The Cars 2005 Teaser Trailer is a teaser trailer for the 2006 movie Cars.


A Baby Bumblebee is calmly collecting pollen when Mater, who is driving along a road next to the meadow, hits it, and it sticks to his windshield. Lightning hurries over and asks Mater what happens, and Mater sadly replies, "I killed a baby bumblebee!" Lightning tells him to stop "bawling" and that it could be a lot worse. Mater says he does not see how it could be worse, when a swarm of bees crash into Lightning, and stick to his mouthplate, much to Mater's enjoyment.

Then the trailer cuts to a race at the Charlotte Springs Speedway, where twenty-seven aggressive race cars are battling for the lead. After a montage of pit stops and spinouts, two cars are bashing each other while racing towards the finish line. The Racer 57 car eventually overpowers the Racer 13 car, and sprints into the finish line.

The short ends with Mater and McQueen watching it in a drive-in theater, implying that the race was part of a movie. Mater happily states, "I'd drive over a mile of busted glass just to see that picture right there!"




Toy Story 2 logo in trailer.

  • The shots of Lightning and Mater appear to be early production versions of them. 
  • The red and green racers appear to be an early design of Lightning and Chick's rivalry in the Piston Cup. The red racer bears the number 57, which was originally supposed to be Lightning's number, before it was changed to 95.
  • On the early Trunk Fresh racer, logos for Toy Story 2 and A Bug's Life, two other Pixar films, can be seen.
  • The twenty-seven cars at the Charlotte Springs Speedway would represent a race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway sanctioned by the Auto Racing Club of America, or ARCA.


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