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#[[You Might Think]]
#[[You Might Think]]
#[[Collision of Worlds]]
#[[Collision of Worlds]]
#[[Mon Coeur Fait Vroum]] (My Heart Goes Froom)
#[[Mon Cœur Fait Vroum]] (My Heart Goes Vroom)
#[[Nobody's Fool]]
#[[Nobody's Fool]]

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The soundtrack for Cars 2 was released around the same time as the movie, and features 26 songs and scores from the movie.


  1. You Might Think
  2. Collision of Worlds
  3. Mon Cœur Fait Vroum (My Heart Goes Vroom)
  4. Nobody's Fool
  5. Polyrhythm
  6. Turbo Transmission
  7. It's Finn McMissile!
  8. Mater the Waiter
  9. Radiator Reunion
  10. Cranking Up the Heat
  11. Towkyo Takeout
  12. Tarmac the Magnificent
  13. Whose Engine is This?
  14. History's Biggest Loser Cars
  15. Mater of Disguise
  16. Porto Corsa
  17. The Lemon Pledge
  18. Mater's Getaway
  19. Mater Warns McQueen
  20. Going to the Backup Plan
  21. Mater's the Bomb
  22. Blunder and Lightning
  23. The Other Shoot
  24. Axlerod Exposed
  25. The Radiator Springs Grand Prix
  26. The Turbomater
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