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Cars 3: Driven to Win
Game Information

Avalanche Software


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Wii U

Release date

June 13, 2017



Cars 3: Driven to Win is a racing game for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U, released on June 13, 2017. It is the first video game developed by Avalanche Software since they were acquired by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game takes place after the events of Cars 3 and features 23 playable characters, as well as over twenty tracks that take place across thirteen different environments, including Radiator Springs, Fireball BeachPorto Corsa, and Florida International Speedway.[1][2]


Cars 3: Driven to Win is a racing game, like many of the Cars games that precede it. There is a vast array of playable characters from the film, in addition to many tracks and locations. Like in Cars 2: The Video Game, players will be able to collect weapons along the track and use them against their competitors as they drive.[3]


Playable characters

There are a total of 23 characters that can be unlocked in the game. To unlock more characters, the player must earn more Skill Checks or complete Master Level Events.

  • Lightning McQueen - Unlocked from the start
  • Cruz Ramirez - Unlocked from the start
  • Tow Mater - Unlocked from the start
  • Sally Carrera - Unlocked from the start
  • Ramone - Unlocked from the start
  • Guido (does not speak) - Unlocked from the start
  • Mater the Greater - Unlocked in a Master Level Event
  • Bobby Swift - Unlocked by earning 4 Skill Checks
  • Brick Yardley - Unlocked by earning 7 Skill Checks
  • Chick Hicks - Unlocked in a Master Level Event
  • Natalie Certain - Unlocked by earning 17 Skill Checks
  • Fabulous Lightning McQueen - Free DLC/Update that gets downloaded in the debut of Cars 3 at theaters in the certain country
  • Arvy - Unlocked by earning 40 Skill Checks
  • Dr. Damage - Unlocked by earning 70 Skill Checks
  • Miss Fritter - Unlocked in a Master Level Event
  • Rich Mixon - Unlocked by earning 85 Skill Checks
  • Cam Spinner - Unlocked by earning 50 Skill Checks
  • Jackson Storm - Unlocked in a Master Level Event
  • Junior Moon - Unlocked by earning 27 Skill Checks
  • Louise Nash - Unlocked by earning 57 Skill Checks
  • River Scott - Unlocked by earning 77 Skill Checks
  • Smokey - Unlocked by earning 124 Skill Checks
  • Mack - Unlocked by collecting all 10 Mack Hats in Thomasville Playground

Other characters

New locations

Returning locations

Returning items

New items

  • Nullifier
  • Magnetic Mine
  • Bombs
  • Turbo Syphon
  • Tracking Rockets
  • High Voltage
  • Booster Jets
  • First Strike Rockets
  • Spike Strips



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References to other titles

  • Cars 2: The Video Game: The gameplay is very similar to the gameplay in this title, and many of the weapons, locations, and techniques introduced in this game make a return. This title's composer, Chuck E. Myers, also comes back to compose the game's music.
  • Cars 3: All of the playable characters are based on their appearances in this film, along with a few references from the said film.

Title in other languages

Languages Names Meaning
Spanish Cars 3: Hacia la Victoria Cars 3: Towards Victory
Latin Spanish Cars 3: Motivado para Ganar Cars 3: Motivated to Win
French Cars 3: Course vers la victoire Cars 3: Race to victory
Italian Cars 3: In gara per la vittoria Cars 3: In the race for the victory
Brazil/Portugal Carros 3: Correndo para Vencer Cars 3: Running to Win
Russian Тачки 3: Навстречу к Победе Cars 3: Towards Victory
Arabic كارز 3: درايفن تو وين Cars 3: Drive To Win
Korean 카 3: 드리븐 투 윈 Cars 3: Drive To Win
Chinese 赛车总动员3:极速挑战 Cars 3: Speed Challenge
Japanese カーズ3 クロスロードの世界 Cars 3: Crossroads World
Polish Auta 3: Wysokie Obroty Cars 3: High Revs


Cars 3: Driven to Win received "mixed or average" reviews on Metacritic getting a metascore of 72/100 on PS4,[4] 59/100 on Xbox One[5] and Nintendo Switch.[6]


  • This game marks the second time Luigi and Fillmore are not playable in a Cars video game, as well as the third time Sarge is not playable, with the first being Cars: The Video Game and second being Cars: Fast as Lightning.
    • In addition, this is the first time Luigi doesn't appear in a Cars video game.
  • This is the first Cars video game where Guido appears, but does not speak.
  • The Oil Rig is the only location from Cars 2: The Video Game that does not have a track represented.
  • This is the first time different voice actors are used for the characters (excluding Junior Moon and Darrell Cartrip) in a Cars video game.
  • Smokey only appears in his Heyday paint job in this game.
  • This is the first and only Cars game so far to have Lightning McQueen be voiced by Ben Rausch.
  • The first cover of the Japanese game obscured the livery of Cruz Ramirez so as not to spoil her Dinoco paint job.

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