Cars Character Encyclopedia is the complete research book for Mattel's Cars 2 Diecast Line, written by Jo Casey and popular Cars blogger Ken T. Chang.


Research all of your favorite diecast releases.


  • The book comes with an exclusive diecast of the model "Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen" with a metallic finish.
  • Several characters that did not appear in the book Meet the Cars, like Pope Pinion IV and Celine Dephare are covered here.
  • The book contains several facts about the Cars characters that weren't heard anywhere else, such as how Rip Clutchgoneski was so called since he was originally meant to be killed off during the Tokyo race after being zapped by the Lemons' camera (his first name was supposed to mean "Rest in Peace", foreshadowing his would-been death), but ended up surviving in the actual movie.


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