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Celine Dephare is a car who works as a headlight vendor at the Marché Aux Pièces market in Paris, France.


Celine Dephare at her market stall in Marché Aux Pièces, Paris.

Dephare is a car who works as a headlight vendor at the Marché Aux Pièces market in Paris, France. In 2011, Tow Mater, Finn McMissile, and Holley Shiftwell passed by her market stall. Mater stopped to inspect said shop, and questioned the owner on what she was selling. Suddenly, Dephare opened and revealed her unusual eyes, located in place of her headlights, while explaining that she sells headlights, which startled Mater, who quickly drove away from the shop.

Physical description

Dephare is an Alfa Romeo with a red livery, though her body is relatively rusty. Her registration plate number was "CUR 10 SIT3". Unlike most cars, she had her blue eyes in place on her front headlights instead of the windshield. She has a windshield, revealing her interior, which included real world elements such as a rearview mirror, front and back seats, dashboard, and a steering wheel.


  • "Headlights, monsieur, headlights?"
  • "Two for one! I give you good price!"
    • source: Cars 2


  • Dephare's character is a reference to how early concepts of Cars intended for vehicles' eyes to be on their headlights rather than their windshields, similar to other anthropomorphic vehicles, such as those featured in Chevron advertisements. The Pixar team, however, ultimately decided against this decision, instead choosing the windshield as the cars' eye locations.[1] Also, in non-Pixar entertainment, there are anthropomorphic cars that have their eyes in the windshields instead of the headlights.
  • Celine is the first and only character in the Cars franchise to have eyes in place of her headlights.
  • When translated from French, Celine Dephare's name means "Celine of headlights".
  • Her registration plate number, "CUR 10 SIT3", is a code for French word "criosité" which means "curiosity" and reflects Dephare's appearance.




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