Chick Hicks' Students
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Green, white, black, gray


Chick Hicks' Students
Members of Chick Hicks' Racing School

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Cars: Race-O-Rama


Mark Silverman
Josh Robert Thompson

Chick Hicks' Students are students of the Chick Hicks Racing Academy.


The Chick Hicks Racing Academy students are all young racing cars aspiring to racers. They are all modeled as the same model, but with different modifications and paint jobs. They race alongside Chick, learning different techniques and movements for racing, though they are learning Chick's style of racing (which is not the correct way). So after being beaten by McQueen in Santa Carburera and Autovia, they decide to turn themselves into VINs.

In Cars Race-O-Rama, they first appear in Sprint 1 in the cut-scenes and end-scenes. In the end-scene, they crashed some cars from the Doc Hudson Racing Academy.

They also appear in Academy Challenge 1 and Hudson Student Run.

They then don't appear until Road Race 2, Academy Challenge 2, and Candice's Glam Tour. They also appear in Relay Race 1. Later, they appear in Sheriff's Chase as the speeders you're supposed to catch. Then they appear in Off Road Race 1.

Then when they go to Autovia, they go into the Motor Co. factory, and turn themselves into VINs. They then appear in Off Road Race 2 and Academy Challenge 3. The first student appears in Street Race 1 and the fourth student appears in Academy Challenge 4. And after that, they turned into VINs.

All 4 students are playable in the game, except on PlayStation 2, where you can only play as the first one.


They're all painted green, just like Chick Hicks. However, they also have different colors. The first one has a white line across the top of his body. The second has white, gray and black diagonal lines across the sides. The third has white on the bottom and top of his body. The fourth has a gray shape that seems to resemble a scratch on the sides.


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