Chopper-Hopper is an Activity in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


(Lightning McQueen drives over to Mater, who is next to a rock. Mater is staring at the sky.)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey, Mater. Why are you staring up at the sky?"
Mater: "Well, an old buddy of mine is flying in from the big city, so I thought I'd come out and wait for him."
Lightning McQueen: "Mater. Just because he says he's flying in doesn't mean he's actually flying."
(Rotor Turbosky flies past. Mater and McQueen drive to him.)
Rotor Turbosky: "Hey there, Mater!"
Mater: "Hey, buddy!"
Rotor Turbosky: "You ready to go for a little spin around Cadillac Range?"
Mater: "Alright! Hey, McQueen. You wanna come along?"
Lightning McQueen: "Ah. Maybe next time."
Mater: "Well, alright then. But you don't know what you is missin'. Woohoo!" (drives to Rotor Turbosky)


Press and hold the mouse button to lift the Dinoco helicopter into the air.

If you want the helicopter to go back down, let go of the mouse button.

Be sure you avoid the clouds and rock formations for a safe, smooth ride.


After winning the game, you unlock a new paint job.


  • Unlike the other activities, a Legends Race is not unlocked after completing this activity.

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