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Chuck Armstrong
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Racing driver

Place of residence

United States

Vehicle information

Axxelo Fission


Stock race car

Paint colour

Blue, white, black



Racing career
Racing competitions

Piston Cup Racing Series


Mood Springs

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Jess Harnell

Chuck Armstrong was a stock race car, that around early 2000s, was a racing driverar who competed in the Piston Cup Racing Series for Mood Springs team with number 33.


Chuck Armstrong being towed away by Tow after his crash at the Motor Speedway of the South in 2006.

Chuck Armstrong was a stock race car that lived in the United States. He had a slight allergy to certain fuels, from which he had stay away at 1.5 metre distance (5 feet), in order to avoid allergic reaction. When he had started racing professionally, his had worsen with him getting allergic reactions at high speeds during the races. Due to that, other racers avoided passing him, which he used to his advantage. Around early 2000s, he competed in Piston Cup Racing Series for Mood Springs team with number 33.

In 2006 he competed in Dinoco 400 race at the the Motor Speedway of the South, Motor City, United States, which was the final race of the Piston Cup season. During the race, an accident occurred between almost all of the competitors, during which he had been airborne from the race track and received intense heavy damage from the crash, making him not capable to continue race. After that, his crew chief had decided to take him from the track, despite Chuck claiming, that he was still able to compete.

Sometime between the 2006 and 2017 he stopped competing in Piston Cup Racing Series and got replaced by Mood Springs team with Dud Throttleman.

Physical description

Armstrong was an Axxelo Fission race stock car and used Lightyear racing tyres. His eyes were blue. He had a dark blue livery with the white logo of Mood Springs on his hood and number 33 painted in white on his doors and the roof.

His model was based on the Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

Official profiles

  • "Chuck Armstrong has always had a slight allergy to certain fuels. As a result those fuels make it a little difficult for him to be within a five foot radius of them. Once he started racing professionally, not only did the problem not go away, it actually got worse at high speeds. It got so bad the other cars didn't want to pass him. Chuck hopes he's a good example of how a problem can be an asset."



  • "Don't take me out coach! I can still race!"



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  • Polish: Czarek Buła

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