Claude Scruggs
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Yellow, black, white

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Light green


Piston Cup racer of Leak Less team (former)

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Samuel Vincent

Claude Scruggs is racing stock car. From 1970s or 1980s to early 2000s (after 2006), he was Piston Cup racer sponsored by Leak Less, bearing the number 52.



Claude Scruggs in 2006 during accident on Todd Marcus roof.

Claude Scruggs was American racing stock car. Since 1970s or 1980s to early 2000s (after 2006) he was Piston Cup racer and member of Leak Less Racing Team. His crew chief was Earl Filter and one of mechanics was Stacy. He was supported by his fan base that mainly posed cars from 1940s.

In 2006 he was racing during the 2005 Piston Cup season final race at Motor Speedway of the South. After Chick Hicks causes a huge accident between the majority of the competitors, a bruised Claude is out of control but stops in front of Billy Oilchanger, another car in a similar condition. However, Billy is quickly hit by another car and Claude turns to see Todd Marcus coming his way and Claude finds himself atop Todd's roof. When Lightning McQueen makes it through the mess, he bounces off of Claude, who looks severely damaged and bruised, and impresses fans by making and landing a large jump. Claude somehow manages to continue racing.

Sometime between the 2006 and 2016 he either retires or gets fired by Leak Less and was replaced by Brian Spark.

Physical description

Claude Scruggs-0

Artwork of Claude Scruggs.

Scruggs is Piston Cup racing stock car Husker Morroco. He use Lightyear racing tires. His maximal speed is 298 km/h (185.169 mph) and his horsepower is 580. He was based on 1980 Buick Regal.

He is painted yellow with white and black on his body. On his hood, he has the Leak Less logo inside a black stripe. He has white doors with black dots and the number 52. He also has a black spoiler and yellow rims. He has light green eyes.



HHPCLOGOo Races of Piston Cup Racing Series season 2010.
Speedway Finished position
Unknown 2nd
Pistoncup2016 Piston Cup Racing Series seasons
Season Place
2010 2nd



  • Some would say that Leakless Adult Dripping Pans is not a prestigious sponsor, but Claude Scruggs would disagree, he's been the #52 yellow, black and white for more than two decades and he wears the Leakless logo with pride. His fan base might be a bit older but thanks to the automotive boom of the late 1940s there are a lot of them and their enthusiasm for the sport and for Scruggs is so intense they can barely contain themselves.


Non-canonical appearances


Lightning McQueen, Claude Scruggs and Misti Motorkrass during final race of Piston Cup season 2010. Image from book Race Around the World.

Claude Scruggs appear in some of The Official Magazine comics where he was show as one of Lightning McQueen's good friends.

He appear in Race Around the World where was shown that Scruggs had 2nd place on season 2010 of Piston Cup Racing Series.

His Mattel's 1:55 Scale Die-Cast toy car was on of characters that player could use in Cars Daredevil Garage.



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Samuel Vincent English Cars


Names in other languages

  • Polish: Klaudiusz Krab

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