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Claude Scruggs
General information



racing driver (formerly)

Place of residence

United States

Vehicle information

Husker Morroco


stock race car

Paint colour

yellow, black, white

Eye colour

light green



Racing career
Racing competitions

Piston Cup Racing Series


Leak Less

Competition number


Trainers and crew chiefs

Earl Filter

Series information
First appearance



Samuel Vincent

Claude Scruggs was a stock race car. He was a professional racing driver who competed in the Piston Cup Racing Series for more than two decades. As number 52 on the Leak Less driving team, he took part in several Piston Cup seasons.


Claude Scruggs became the Leak Less racer somewhere in the 1970s-80s. In 2006, his crew chief was Earl Filter and his team of mechanics included Stacy.

Claude Scruggs during accident on Todd Marcus roof in 2006.

In 2006, Scruggs has traveled to the Motor Speedway of the South to compete in the Dinoco 400, the final race of that year's season. After Chick Hicks causes a large crash, Scruggs is one of many involved. At one point, Scruggs comes to a stop after spinning out of control, in front of Billy Oilchanger. The two giggle nervously, before another car slams Oilchanger away, and Todd Marcus bumps into Claude. Marcus flipped upside down in the air and landed roof-to-roof with Scruggs. The two eventually spin out and come to a halt, and Lightning McQueen later uses Scruggs to propel himself into the air and over the remainder of the crash. Despite his injuries, Scruggs is fixed up, and he continues the race, though he does not place highly.

Sometime between the 2006 and 2016, Scruggs stepped down as the Leak Less racer, and Brian Spark takes his place.

Physical description

Scruggs was a Husker Morroco, a racing stock car. He used Lightyear racing tires.

He was painted yellow with white and black on his body. On his hood, he had the Leak Less logo inside a black stripe. He had white doors with black dots and the number 52. He also had a black spoiler and yellow rims. He had light green eyes.

Non-canonical appearances

Lightning McQueen, Claude Scruggs and Misti Motorkrass during final race of Piston Cup season 2011. Image from book Race Around the World.

Official profiles

  • Some would say that Leakless Adult Dripping Pans is not a prestigious sponsor, but Claude Scruggs would disagree, he's been the #52 yellow, black and white for more than two decades and he wears the Leakless logo with pride. His fan base might be a bit older but thanks to the automotive boom of the late 1940s there are a lot of them and their enthusiasm for the sport and for Scruggs is so intense they can barely contain themselves.



HHPCLOGOo.png 2010 Piston Cup Racing Series races
Speedway Finished position
Unknown 2nd
Pistoncup2016.png Piston Cup Racing Series seasons
Season Place
2010 2nd


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Samuel Vincent English Cars



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  • Polish: Klaudiusz Krab
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