Copper Canyon Speedway
Location Information

Arizona, United States of America


Cars 3

Copper Canyon Speedway is a Piston Cup raceway.


In Cars 3, one of the 2016 Piston Cup races is held at Copper Canyon. Most of the racers are veterans, except for a mysterious newcomer, Jackson Storm. Lightning McQueen, Bobby Swift, and Cal Weathers perform well during the race, mainly making up the top three. But on the last lap, Jackson Storm suddenly zooms past the entire top ten in a few seconds, including McQueen, Bobby, and Cal, with Storm placing first and winning the race. Storm's successful debut influences other sponsors what next-generation racers can do. At the next race at the Motor Speedway of the South, six more next-generation rookies make their debut, replacing six veterans who were fired.

Finishing Positions

  1. Jackson Storm
  2. Lightning McQueen
  3. Bobby Swift
  4. Cal Weathers
  5. Veteran Apple, Inc. racer
  6. Rev Roadages
  7. Dirkson D'Agostino
  8. Dino Draftsky