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Green, blue, tan

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Faux Wheel Drive race car

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Cars: The Video Game



Cortland is a professional race car who raced for the Faux Wheel Drive racing team in the Piston Cup. Cortland is a 2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR, a model that resembles a Capital Motors Verve XT, that is painted green, with a tan hood around his mouth, in the same color scheme as Johnny Blamer. He has black rims, and the number 191 painted on his doors and roof. Early concept artwork of Cortland saw him with the number 4, which would have made him the lowest-numbered Piston Cup racer in Cars: The Video Game, but this was later changed for unknown reasons. His status icon depicts him with the number 54, like Herb Curbler (Piston Cup racer).


In Cars: The Video Game, Cortland is one of the race cars that is found in the final group of cars in Piston Cup races, usually placing 19th, trailing behind the other cars and is lapped by the player and the other computer characters that are in the top five.



  • Cortland has the 3rd highest number out of all known Piston Cup racers, only behind Hollister (282) and Leroy Heming (300).
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