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Dinoco Cruz Ramirez stock art.png
Cruz Ramirez
General information


  • Professional racing driver (since 2017)
  • Trainer and racing technician at the Rust-eze Racing Center (until 2017)
Place of residence

Texgas, United States (before 2017)
Fireball Beach, United States (2017)
Radiator Springs, United States (since 2017)


Frances Beltline (used during Crazy Eight)

Vehicle information

2017 CRS Sports Coupe


Sports car

Registration number


Top speed

338 km/h (210 mph)

0 to 60 mph
(0 to 97 km/h)

3.8 seconds

Paint colour

Yellow, blue (as Dinoco racer)
Yellow, red, blue (as Rust-eze racer)
Yellow, red, black (as Crazy Eight racer)
Yellow, red (as a trainer)
Yellow (before 2017)

Eye colour




Racing career
Racing competitions

Piston Cup Racing Series (since 2017)
Crazy Eight (2017)


Rust-eze (2017 Florida 500)
Dinoco (since 2017)

Competition number

51 (Dinoco)
95 (Rust-eze)
20 (Crazy Eight)

Trainers and crew chiefs

Smokey (2017 Florida 500)
Lightning McQueen (since 2017)

Series information
First appearance

Cars 3


Cristela Alonzo

""It's all about motivation, Mr. McQueen. You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive!""
—'Cruz Ramirez', Cars 3, [[{{{3}}}]]

Cruz Ramirez is a race car. Since 2017, she competes in the Piston Cup Racing Series for the Dinoco team with the number 51. She debuted in the Piston Cup during the 2017 Florida 500 race as a replacement for Lightning McQueen for the Rust-eze team.

Before her racing career, she worked as a trainer and racing technician at the Rust-eze Racing Center at Fireball Beach where she prepared Next-Generation racers for the competition.    


Cars 3

Ramirez meets McQueen.

In Cars 3, after Lightning McQueen is forced out of the Piston Cup world following a devastating crash, he is taken to the Rust-eze Racing Center, where he is introduced to Ramirez. Excited to be helping out her idol as a "senior project", the two begin training to help McQueen grow to defeat Jackson Storm and the other next-generation racers at the Florida 500. She uses a voice command assistant named Hamilton, which she uses to track McQueen's speed during training sessions.[1]

"The beach ate me."

During their training, McQueen finds himself outclassing Ramirez at times, such as when McQueen tries to go as fast as Jackson Storm, but his treadmill is going very slow, and in a beach race when she spins out and is buried in sand, which she says the beach "ate" her, while McQueen has little trouble. Lightning also sees his former mentor Doc Hudson as an inspiration, and the two visit the Thomasville Speedway, an abandoned Piston Cup raceway that was once the home of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

McQueen and Ramirez visit the Thomasville Speedway.

They also meet many of Doc's fellow friends and racing legends, including Smokey, Louise Nash, River Scott, and Junior Moon, who also assist McQueen in his training.

Additionally, McQueen and Ramirez go to a demolition derby stadium named the Thunder Hollow Speedway, where they compete in disguise under the aliases Chester Whipplefilter and Frances Beltline, respectively.

Cruz competing in the 2017 Florida 500.

When the Florida 500 finally arrives, McQueen continues to struggle to overcome Storm throughout the race. Thinking quickly, he realizes that he can send Cruz into the race in his place, as long as she wears the same sponsor and number as him, which Ramone takes care of. McQueen serves as Cruz's crew chief as she tries her best to beat Jackson. Cruz utilizes techniques she learned while training with McQueen, such as weaving through other racers, which she learned by practicing with tractors in Thomasville. She also performs a flip move to pass Storm, allowing her to win the race, as Doc Hudson once did.[2][3]

After her victory, Cruz decides to sign with Dinoco, replacing Cal Weathers as the Dinoco racer and taking Doc's old number, 51. McQueen decides to stay as Cruz's crew chief for the rest of the season, wearing a new paint job inspired by his mentor, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet.[2]

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Ramirez racing against Miss Fritter in Cars 3: Driven to Win.

In Cars 3: Driven to Win, Cruz, in her Dinoco paint job, is one of six playable characters who are available from the start. She appears in most of the cutscenes with Lightning McQueen.

Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool

In Miss Fritter's Racing Skoool, Cruz is celebrating the achievement of her Florida 500 trophy with McQueen, when they both see a commercial starring Miss Fritter. However, the loud volume causes Cruz's Crazy Eight trophy to smash, much to her shock.

General information

Personality and traits

Ramirez is described as optimistic, sunny, kind and fierce.[4] As a racing trainer, she enjoys assisting other cars in improving their racing abilities, including Lightning McQueen, whom she greatly admires. She believes ones can use anger as motivation. She also wanted to become a racer forever because of Lightning McQueen, and in the end, she got her chance. She is also very sweet.

Physical description

Side view of Ramirez.

Ramirez is a 2017 CRS Sports Coupe with an aerodynamic venturi channeled chassis. Her High Performance DOHC V-6 engine correlates with her ability to go from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, as well as her top speed of 210 miles per hour.[4] Her license plate reads '"C01-06A".[5] She takes some inspiration from the Chevrolet Corvette C7 and the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

While training with McQueen, Cruz has a yellow livery with the Rust-eze Racing Center emblem on her doors. When she competes in the Florida 500, she is given a yellow spoiler, and Ramone paints Rust-eze decals and the number 95 on her. Following her signing with Dinoco, Cruz has the Dinoco logo on her doors and hood, as well as the number 51, the same number as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, Ruby "Easy" Oaks, and Aikens. While racing at Thomasville and Thunder Hollow, Ramirez has the number 20 painted on her doors.[6]


Profiles and statistics

  • Bios
    • "Cruz may be on Jackson's side of the age gap, but she is on Lightning's side of the conflict. As a lifelong fan of McQueen, she is optimistic, sunny, fierce, and friendly — and now, she is his new, younger coach, coming to Lightning's aid with stars in her eyes when he shows up at the Rust-eze Racing Center."[4]
    • "Cruz Ramirez is a top-notch trainer at the Rust-eze Racing Center, where she's assigned to train the team's talented rookies. Her unconventional training methods have helped many young Piston Cup racers meet their goals on the track. Cruz once had racing dreams of her own, but it isn't until she meets Lightning McQueen that she realizes that her passion to compete is still there. Now she'll finally get the chance to see if she's got what it takes to win.[7]
  • Specifications
    • Vehicle model: 2017 CRS Sports Coupe
    • Top speed: 210 mph
    • 0-60 mph: 3.8 seconds
    • Engine Type: High Performance DOHC V-6
    • Chassis: Aerodynamic Venturi Channeled
    • Body: Lightweight alloy



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  • "There you go!" - Cars 3
  • "I am so excited that I get to train you. I grew up watching you on TV!" - Cars 3
  • "These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge." - Cars 3
  • "In fact, I call you my senior project." - Cars 3
  • "I'll be back in a few." - Cars 3
  • "We'll work up to the higher speeds right after you take your nap." - Cars 3
  • "How was your nap, Mr. McQueen?" - Cars 3
  • "Does this make you mad?" - Cars 3
  • "The beach ate me." - Cars 3
  • "I used to watch you on TV, flying through the air. You seemed so fearless." - Cars 3
  • "I wish I knew what that felt like." - Cars 3
  • "You won't talk me out of this Mr. McQueen, I'm going back, I resigned as your trainer." - Cars 3
  • "He is alive..." - Cars 3
  • "Hey, isn't that your old crew chief?" - Cars 3
  • "I'm a fluffy cloud." - Cars 3
  • "Are you sure you have time for this?" - Cars 3
  • "Doc would be proud of me." - From the alpha version of Cars 3: Driven to Win

Names in other languages

  • Bulgarian: Крус Рамирес (transcription: Krus Ramires)
  • Chinese (simplified): 克鲁兹·拉米雷斯 (pinyin: Kèlǔzī Lāmǐléisī)
  • Chinese (traditional): 克魯茲·拉米雷斯 (pinyin: Kèlǔzī Lāmǐléisī)
  • Czech: Cruz Ramirézová
  • Japanese: クルーズ・ラミレス (romanisation: Kurūzu Ramiresu)
  • Korean: 크루즈 라미레즈 (romanisation: Keulujeu Lamilejeu)
  • Russian: Крус Рамирес, Круз Рамирез (transcription: Krus Ramires, Kruz Ramirez)
  • Spanish: Cruz Ramírez
  • Ukrainian: Круз Рамірес (transcription: Kruz Ramires)


  • Her license plate indicates Cristela Alonzo's initials and birthday.
  • She is the only female Next-Gen racer in the Piston Cup.
  • 656 controls were made to create her expressions and motion: 360 for the body and 296 for the face. 216 alone were used for her mouth, lips, teeth and tongue.[8]