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{{Infobox Character|image = Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 1.14.47 AM.png|gender = Male|color = Dark Blue, Blue, Yellow|eye color = Silver|occupation = [[Piston Cup Racing Series|Piston Cup]] racer|first appearance = ''[[Cars 3]]''}}'''Dan Carcia''' is a next-generation [[Piston Cup Racing Series|Piston Cup]] racer that races for team [[Gask-Its]]. Before a racing event that took place in [[Rustbelt Raceway]], Dan replaced [[Rex Revler]] as the new Gask-Its racer.
== History ==
Dan competes in the 2016 Piston Cup season in ''[[Cars 3]]''. He enters the season as a mid-season replacement for the previous [[Gask-Its]] racer, [[Rex Revler]]. He starts his career with a 3rd place finish at [[Rustbelt Raceway]] behind [[J.P. Drive]]. In the [[Florida 500]], he starts in sixteenth place. After the multi-car wreck caused by [[Cam Spinner]], Dan restarts in sixteenth place again behind [[Eric Braker]]. He finishes in fifteenth place at the Florida 500.
== Gallery ==
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