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"Boogity, boogity, boogity! Let's go racin'!"
Darrell Cartrip, Cars

Darrell Cartrip is a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, who announces for the Racing Sports Network. He is usually associated with the Piston Cup Racing Series, but occasionally commentates other events, such as Miles Axlerod's World Grand Prix. He is known for his comedic and lighthearted style of commentary, which often contrasts his fellow announcers' more serious and traditional approach. Darrell is also a retired Piston Cup champion.



Darrell Cartrip and Bob Cutlass.

In Cars, Darrell and Bob Cutlass commentate the 2005 Dinoco 400. At the start of the race, Darrell and Bob introduce Strip Weathers, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen to the audience, explaining that the three cars are tied with a score 5,013 points, and the winner of the race will take home the Piston Cup. They are shocked at the 33-car wreck caused by Chick Hicks and are even more surprised when McQueen manages to carefully weave through the accident, avoiding contact. When the race results in the first three-way tie in Piston Cup history, Darrell and Bob are ecstatic, excitedly jabbering while trying to determine the winner.

A tie-breaker race is held at the Los Angeles International Speedway to determine the true winner, and Darrell and Bob commentate that as well. They are surprised when they notice the Fabulous Hudson Hornet is serving as McQueen's crew chief. Darrell later comments on McQueen's actions on forfeiting the win so he can help The King, stating that he's giving him a slight bump draft following his crash to Chick Hicks.

Cars: The Video Game

Cartrip in a Piston Cup race.

In the story mode of Cars: The Video Game, Darrell is the sole commentator throughout the 2006 season. At the first race at Palm Mile Speedway, Darrell explains that with Strip Weathers retired, the rivalry between Hicks and McQueen is stronger than ever. In Piston Cup Races, Darrell frequently makes remarks about the player and the other racers.

After McQueen and Hicks agree to a competition called the Radiator Springs Grand Prix, the Racing Sports Network decides to cover it, and Darrell announces alongside Mater.

Darrell is also a playable character in arcade mode, though he can only be selected in Piston Cup races. He has high stats all-around, with great speed, handling, and stability, and decent handling. Darrel also still comments on the race even when he is selected to be played as.

Cars 2

Darrell, Brent Mustangburger and David Hobbscap.

In Cars 2, Darrell Cartrip is selected by Miles Axlerod to host the World Grand Prix, among two others, Brent Mustangburger and David Hobbscap. He is still his jumpy self and is once again the comedic announcer compared to the others.

Cars: Fast as Lightning

In Cars: Fast as Lightning, both Darrell and Bob Cutlass make cameo appearances on each racer's track. They are seen in the skybox up in the bleachers, supposedly commentating the races that happen.

Cars 3

Artwork from Cars 3.

In Cars 3, Darrell and Bob return to announce the 2017 and 2018 Piston Cup seasons. They often highlight the friendship between Lightning McQueen, Bobby Swift, and Cal Weathers. Once Jackson Storm starts a winning streak, Darrell and Bob are continually impressed by his victories. During the final race of the 2017 Piston Cup season, Darrell comments on how McQueen is fading fast before he spins out of control and crashes.

Cars 3: Driven to Win

In Cars 3: Driven to Win, Darrell serves as the announcer for all racing events in the game, similar to his story mode appearance in Cars: The Video Game.

General information

Physical description

Darrell is based on a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which Darrell Waltrip used that year. He is painted in chrome, with a flame design on his front heading up through his hood. He has yellow headlights, a black grille, and chrome rims. He has his old racing number "17" painted in yellow on his side as well as his roof.

Personality and traits

Darrell is fun and comedic, parallel to Bob Cutlass' sophisticated and serious racing style.

Powers and abilities

Darrell's sense of humor and knowledge of racing makes him one of the best racing announcers ever, alongside other big names such as Brent Mustangburger and David Hobbscap. He is a former Piston Cup racecar himself, and a very talented three-time Piston Cup champion. He won the 1981, 1982, and 1985 Piston Cup championships, before retiring during the 2000 season to become an announcer.


Profiles and statistics


  • Bios
    • "A southern gentleman and ex-Piston Cup champion, DC knows what it takes to win. He's in the booth with Bob Cutlass for every major Cup event, calling the play-by-play and adding humor and personality to the commentary. But when the flag drops, he's all business, that is until he shouts his signature, "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! Let's go racing boys!!"[1]

Cars: The Video Game

  • Stats
    • Speed: 5
    • Acceleration: 4
    • Handling: 3
    • Stability: 4

Cars 2

  • Bios
    • "Darrell Cartrip is a legendary multi-Piston Cup champion turned beloved racing announcer. The Kentucky-born #17 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is known for his wild color commentary, delighting Piston Cup fans with his humor, charisma and signature catchphrases—"Boogity, boogity, boogity! Let's go racin', boys!" He's spent years on the track, in the pits and in the grease, and he’ll tell you all about it. This American Southern gentleman knows what it takes to win and plans to bring that fervent expertise to calling the World Grand Prix."[2]




  • "Bob, my oil pressure's through the roof right now. If this gets any more exciting, they're gonna have to tow me outta the booth!" - Cars
  • "He's been Dinoco's golden boy for years! Can he win them one last Piston Cup?" - Cars
  • "I don't believe what I'm watching, Bob! - Cars
  • Lightning McQueen is 100 feet from his Piston Cup!" - Cars
  • "Man, this is exciting!" - Cars
  • "Alright! We can take 'em." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "C'mon, let's get in there." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "They're side by side as they come down the track."
  • "Uh oh! Looks like car number #64 has a problem." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Look out! Medford and Bashman did some rubbin, but neither would give it in" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Look out! Lee Jr. and Hollister did some rubbin, but neither would give it in." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Look out! Turner and Banks did some rubbin, but neither would give it in." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo hoo! Did you see that?! What a maneuver!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "They're racing like it's the last race of the season!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Looks like the track is cooling all, and they're getting better traction out there!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Wow! That's the fastest pit stop of the day!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Some teams are having trouble in the pits, they will have to make up some time." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "It's getting crazy down there! There is a three-wide on the turns which could only mean one thing: accidents." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #64 is gonna need some more wedge, he's really getting loose on the corners." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Oh! Number #33 needs some more wedge, he's getting too loose on the corners." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #52's getting sort of loose into those corners! He's gonna need some more wedge." - Cars: The Video Game"
  • "Number #74 only took right side tires on his last pit stop, that's a gable right there, we'll see how this pays off." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #58 only took right side tires on his last pit stop, he's gabling, we'll see how it pays off." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "That adjustment Banks made to his spoiler is paying off! He's glued to the track and really making up some time!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Lee Jr. is glued to the track and really making up some time. That adjustment he made to his spoiler is really paying off!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Suregrip made a smart move having his spoiler adjusted. He's glued to the track and making up tons of time!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Couple of the cars out there are tight! You can see them fighting to make the turns." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Let see who's gonna make it to the pit row first!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "It's a shame he's not having a better run today, Number #58 was fast at qualifying." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #23 was fast in qualifying, sure is a shame he's not having a better run today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Here it comes at the pit row! We're seeing some good runs out there, today." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "If they keep it up, we're gonna see a new track record!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo whee! Number #64 is on rails, today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo whee! Number #52 is a rocket, today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo whee! Number #121 is flying, today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo whee! Number #117 is a rocket and a rolling, today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo whee! Number #33 is on fire, today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Fans, today's race is sponsored by Nitroade. Nitroade Hi-Energy Drink for high energy cars." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Remember fans, Easy Idle makes waking up easy! Easy Idle A Warm Start to a Cold Morning." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "The official sponsor of the Piston Cup Series is Dinoco fuel." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "There seems to be a pack of fans in the upper deck of Section 27 rooting for their favorite racer: Lightning McQueen!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Over in Section 1, there's quite a bit of support for Number #86: Chick Hicks. Just look at all those green paint jobs!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Our own Darrell Cartrip seems to have some loyal support over in Section 49! Now that's what I call true fans!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Today's Piston Cup fan of the race is Missy, in Section 8! She is a fan of Number #52 and, for being the fan of the race, she'll recieve a free supercharged package from RPM. RPM is a number #1 Nighttime Backfire Suppressant, congratulations Missy!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Today's fan of the race is Patty, in Section 75! It's her first race! And she is on a personal tour around the track by her favorite racer: Number #65!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Today's Piston Cup fan of the race is in Section 4, Space number 27, Dusty is today's fan of the race! Your prize is on its way out to you." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Announcing the Piston Cup fan of the race! And it's Cam in Section 32. You just won three fun-filled days at the Piston Cup Racing School! Congratulations, Cam!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Johnny and Emma in Section 54 are today's fans of the race, they're brother and sister and boy you think they're out at the track with the way they compete!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "We're looking for someone in Section 59! Space 22! You, yes you! You're today's Piston Cup fan of the race! You won an incredible vacation pack!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Medford passes Lee Jr. to move up a position." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Conklin passes Joltsen to move up a position." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Hollister passes Suregrip to move up a position." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Hollister passes Bashman to move up a position." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Riley and Buck are fighting for the position! Neither want to back off!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Suregrip and Hollister are fighting for the position! Neither want to back off!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Joltsen and Turner are fighting for the position! Neither want to back off!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Lee Jr. and Suregrip got together and caused a whole mess up trouble!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Looks like Hollister spun out and hit the wall, he's gonna come in for repair!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoa! Banks has got to hold in together! He's out of control!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And Banks is in the wall but seems alright, he's gonna continue!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Turner hits the wall but he seems okay. Yes, he'll continue." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And Medford right into the wall! He seems alright, he'll keep on racing." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Ooh!, McCoy into the wall! He seems alright. Yes, he'll continue!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "vY'know, I spoke with Number #52's crew chief this morning and he assured me that his racer is out to win today!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Sure has been a tough year for Number #33 and his crew, they're just hoping to finish in the top 10 and gain experience for next season." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Looks like #84 is dropping back!." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Y'all see that in the infield?! That's one happy tow truck driving backwards, now that's a fan!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Please give a warm thank you for today's race sponsor: Rust-eze. Everyone attending today will recieve a trial sample of Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment. That's Rust-eze!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Ladies and gentlecars, please give a hockout to one of today's race sponsors: Hostile Takeover Bank! Coming for all at your finest needs, that won't require. That's Hostile Takeover Bank! Proud sponsor of Number #86 car: Chick Hicks!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Today's race is sponsored and part by Team Gasprin! Hood Ache Relief for cars big and small." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #52 is falling back! Looks like he's exhausted" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And there's Chick Hicks, giving it a 100%!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Chick Hicks boosting through the pack!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Chick Hicks taking the lead! But the other racers have anything to say about it he won't be there for long. - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And Chick Hicks laying down rubber as he muscles into the top spot!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Not the most popular racer out there, but it's not hurting his performance!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Chick Hicks, making some friends as usual." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Yes sir, this is where all that experience pays off! Cartrip, you got a lot of happy fans out there! And for good reason." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Cartrip looking strong out there! Keep up the good ones!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "No question about it! That Hornet got a stink." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Doc Hudson has been busy shipping away that lead. And now he's running with it!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And we got some excited Hornet fans out there. Maybe they are some old timers who saw him race back in 51!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Watch and learn kiddies, Doc is in the front of the line!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "That's a classic move from a classic car!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And The King is out in the front! A place he's really familiar with it." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And charging to the front is Number #43! Strip Weathers, The King!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "The King is leading this parade!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "This crowd sure is happy to see Weathers on the track." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #43 working hard out there!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Strip Weathers dominating the track!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Here comes The King looking like he's on rails." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "You want to talk about a blue street! There goes Weathers just lapping through lap 1, 2, 3!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #43 making steady progress." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Lightning McQueen is dominating the track!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Number #95 putting on a great show!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "McQueen takes the lead! And the crowd is going wild!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoa, what a move! McQueen is out in the front!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Last season's rookie of the year is leading the pack." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And Lightning McQueen is out in the front!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "And there goes Lightning McQueen slipping through the pack!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Whoo whee! He's passed enough. Can anyone stop Lightning?" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "McQueen is driving like the field is standing still!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "Here comes Lightning McQueen, just looking to move it aside." - Cars: The Video Game
  • "There's another one! McQueen is passing through the field like he's racing against golf carts!" - Cars: The Video Game
  • "McQueen is fading! Fading fast!" - Cars 3
  • "I am so stoked about this one!" - Cars 3: Driven to Win
  • "And there goes just... well, just about everybody!" - Cars 3: Driven to Win

Names in other languages

  • Danish: Ræson Rat (Cars 2)
  • Finnish: Erkki Muskelipeli
  • German: Chris Dinner
  • Norwegian:
    • Kjell Kristian Rygge (Cars)
    • Vakle Hjulbrandsen (Cars 2)
  • Polish:
    • Darrell Cartrip (in most appearances)
    • Daniel Byłhulał (Meet the Cars)
  • Russian: Даррел Картрип (transcription: Darrel Kartrip)
  • Spanish (European): Darrell Carter
  • Spanish (Latin American): Darrell Cartrip
  • Swedish: Johan Motorén
  • Ukrainian: Даррел Кардан


  • Darrell is based on the real-life NASCAR Champion driver Darrell Waltrip, who formerly worked as a television race commentator for Fox Broadcasting and Speed TV.
  • Darrell's diecast is light gray. This differs from his appearance in the films, where he is of a solid blue color tone.
  • The back of the die-cast toy reads which is a real website selling Darrell Waltrip-related merchandise such as T-shirts. Surprisingly enough, the inscription is visible on Darrell Cartrip himself in Cars 2, despite it being a real-world reference to Darrell Waltrip.
  • Darrell Cartrip does not know Mater in Cars 2, even though he does in Cars: The Video Game.
  • In Cars 2, the Lightyear lettering font on his tires are blacked out, but the font changed back to the proper white letters in Cars 3.
    • It may be worth noting that this might've been an error.


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Luigi's Casa Della TiresRadiator Springs CuriosHouse of Body ArtFlo's V8 CafeTodd's PitCozy Cone MotelChick's PitNightclubFillmore's Taste-InMater's Towing & SalvageShu's PitFrancesco's PitCourthouseMrs. PistonGuido's Italian Ice ShopRusty BumperPolice StationWimpy's WipersEmporium RepairSnotRod's GymOffice BuildingWingo's DigsHospitalPop 'n' Patch Tire RepairBoost's Nitro ShopVisitor CenterMiguel's PitSparky's Spark PlugCarla's PitFire StationRaoul's PitRacing MuseumHolley's HideoutMcMissile's PadSarge's Surplus HutOrnament Valley AirportLightning's PitMax's PitLong Ge's PitKomodo's PitYokoza's PitIce ShopIgloo
Mega ScreenNeon SignRadiator SpringStreet LightFlame FountainSpy RelayArcade GamesOrganic Oil StandRed FlowersMailboxMator StatueMotorama Girls BillboardBlue FlowersGear StatueWind TurbineWater TowerGraffiti WallClock TowerSuper SubwoofersWeather VaneSolar PanelsVending MachinesCherry Blossom TreeWellPoster KioskTurbo FanParasolDoc Hudson StatueSouvenir TentBlue BlimpInflatable ArchDinoco TentDinoco SignPiston BoulderSkyboxJapanese ArchFlaming ArchBig-O-VisionLoudspeakersBleachersGear BalloonMcMissile BannersGearsley BannersRust-eze TentGrand Prix BannerFloodlightsParis BannersFrancesco BalloonLeaderboardGameloft TentV8 Café Sunset BannerFirst Aid TentRocky ArchTokyo BannersLightning BalloonFrancesco BannerAV TowerTokyo Street LightsCelebration LanternsMotor MobileKremlin ClockPretzel StandNeon PavilionPile o' PresentsTire WreathTire TowerLantern StringRussian FlagMatryoshcarsCandy CanesMotor MonumentChinese LanternHockey BannerFountain SquareFriendship PagodaVictory ArchFestival GateOverpassSubway EntranceTokyo TowerGlowing Neon SignFrozen Puck Award
Track Pieces
Hot SpringsSteep CurveOil FieldSurplus StorageCrazy LoopFrozen LoopPretzel LoopDesert CurveBarrier TurnOil SpillWhipsnap RacewaySteep HillBumpy RoadCliffhangerConstruction SiteStunt CannonsZigzagToll BoothCar WashRocky LoopRocky Half-PipeCorkscrew LoopGeyser JumpRiver JumpNeon Panel JumpRussian BridgeHockey RinkRoundaboutTwo-Level CurveGeyser LoopBreakneck RidgeRocket RoadRock WallBeijing RacewayCactus RoadFrozen U-TurnShow-off RampWunderplatzRoller CoasterDragon LoopChristmas MiracleWild WellPalace SwirlFrozen Hill

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