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The Dinoco 400 is a race in Cars.


Position Name Number Sponsor
1st Lightning McQueen 95 Rust-eze: Medicated Bumper Ointment
1st (2nd) Strip Weathers 43 Dinoco
1st (3rd) Chick Hicks 86 Hostile Takeover Bank
4th Kevin Shiftright 121 Clutch Aid
5th Aiken Axler 28 Nitroade
6th Floyd Mulvihill 70 Gasprin
7th Crusty Rotor 76 Vinyl Toupee
8th Murray Clutchburn 92 Sputter Stop
9th Johnny Blamer 54 Faux Wheel Drive
10th Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 8 Dale Earnhardt Inc.
11th Billy Oilchanger 58 Octane Gain
12th Ralph Carlow 117 Lil' Torquey Pistons
13th Mac iCar 84 Apple, Inc.
14th Davey Apex 84 Re-Volting
15th Ponchy Wipeout 90 Bumper Save
16th Todd Marcus 123 No Stall
17th Ryan Shields 39 View Zeen
18th Dirkson D'Agostino 34 Trunk Fresh
19th Rusty Cornfuel 4 Tow Cap
20th Brush Curber 56 Fiber Fuel
21st Ernie Gearson 93 Spare Mint
22nd James Cleanair 61 Vitoline
23rd Slider Petrolski 74 Sidewall Shine
24th Kevin Racingtire 35 Shifty Drug
25th Winford Bradford Rutherford 64 RPM
26th Greg Candyman 101 Tach-O-Mint
27th Sage Vanderspin 80 Gas-kits
28th Eugene Carbureski 36 Tank Coat
29th Misti Motorkrass 73 Rev-N-Go
30th Manny Flywheel 68 N2O Cola
31st Darren Leadfoot 82 Shiny Wax
32nd Haul Inngas 79 Retread
33rd Ruby "Easy" Oaks 51 Easy Idle
34th Claude Scruggs 52 Leak Less
35th Lee Revkins (DNF) 63 Transberry Juice
36th Chuck Armstrong (DNF) 33 Mood Springs


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