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The Dinoco Light 350 was an event in Cars 3. It took place at the Motor Speedway of the South, being the first and fifth race in Cars 3. Both Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm have won a race there.

First Race

The race begins off with McQueen passing Bobby Swift and the Rev-N-Go Racer, then Cal Weathers a couple of seconds later. Apparently, it was the twenty-third lap. Later, he passes Jack DePost and is behind Dino Draftsky. Sally Carrera and Mater are cheering for him in the pits. Maddy McGear's mother and Albert Hinkey are also cheering for him. Cal is in the lead until Lightning tells him his blinker is on. Cal panics until he finds out his blinker is not on, and Bobby passes him. After that, Bobby takes second place with Lightning, Cal, Brian Spark, Brick Yardley, and the Apple racer behind him. McQueen passes him and then passes Phil Tankson for first place with Brick having second place. After McQueen, Swift, and Weathers go to the pits on lap 356, Yardley takes first place for a certain amount of time, with Bobby Roadtesta in second, Darren Leadfoot third, Phil Tankson 4th, Rev-N-Go Racer 5th, Chip Gearings 6th, Buck Bearingly 7th, and Floyd Mulvihill 8th. The three friends go to the pits along with Brian, the Apple racer, Bruce Miller, and Phil. McQueen, Swift, and Weathers are the first three out of the pits, and McQueen soon passes Dino Draftsky, Carl Clutchen, and Jack DePost. Later, he, Bobby Swift, Cal Weathers, and Brick Yardley pass Speedy Comet and Reb Meeker to take the top four positions.

Finishing Positions

  1. 95: Lightning McQueen
  2. 19: Bobby Swift
  3. 42: Cal Weathers
  4. 24: Brick Yardley
  5. 15: Carl Clutchen
  6. 36: Reb Meeker
  7. 121: Dino Draftsky
  8. 6: Markus Krankzler
  9. 80: Rex Revler
  10. 00: Jimmy Cables
  11. 21: Speedy Comet
  12. 52: Brian Spark
  13. 73: Rev-N-Go Racer
  14. 4: Jack DePost
  15. 39: Buck Bearingly
  16. 28: Phil Tankson
  17. 31: Terry Kargas
  18. 11: Chip Gearings
  19. 64: Bruce Miller
  20. 33: Dud Throttleman
  21. 117: Ralph Carlow
  22. 123: Todd Marcus
  23. 54: Tommy Highbanks
  24. 92: Murray Clutchburn
  25. 68: Parker Brakeston
  26. 90: Ponchy Wipeout
  27. 82: Darren Leadfoot
  28. 5: Lane Locke
  29. 48: T.G. Castlenut
  30. 76: Rev Roadages
  31. 67: Bobby Roadtesta
  32. 70: Floyd Mulvihill
  33. 84: Mac iCar
  34. 93: Ernie Gearson
  35. 34: Dirkson D'Agostino