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"(The camera shows Doc Hudson near Willy's Butte. Lightning McQueen then appears arriving.)
Doc Hudson: "You're late, son. I've been waitin' here an hour already."
Lightning McQueen: "Sorry."
Doc Hudson: "Yeah, well, time's a wasting. Let's get to work."
Lightning McQueen: "C'mon, Doc, I still got it."
Doc Hudson: "So you say. You still remember how to handle yourself on dirt?"
Lightning McQueen: "Sure, sure. Right to go left, and this time, I'm not going into the cactus, old-timer."
Doc Hudson: "Well, we'll just see about that." (drives away, with McQueen following)"
Cut-scene, [[{{{3}}}]]


The objective is to drive around Willy's Butte three times, while powersliding, under a specific time.


The track is three simple laps around Willy's Butte.

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