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Doc and the Law's Race 'n' Chase
Event Information



Radiator Springs Courthouse & Fire Department (Levels 1-3)

In Ornament Valley Airport (Levels 4-6)

At the end of the second bridge in Tailfin Pass (Levels 7-9)


18 Bolt Banners in total


Each level unlocks the next (save for the final one)

Doc and the Law's Race 'n' Chase is an event in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The objective of the game is to tag the opposing player, and then return to the goal. To prevent the other player from reaching their goal, one must tag them by driving into them, and then immediately turn around and begin making their way to their goal. The first one to reach their respective goal while being "it" will win the game.

At the bottom of the screen is a meter that indicates how far away the opposing player is. The smaller the icon is, the farther away they are, and the larger the icon is, the closer they are.

Lightning is the player's character in all nine levels of the story mode, although there are more choices in arcade mode.

In-game description

  • Try to tag your opponent!
  • If you get tagged, chase and tag your opponent before they reach the goal!
  • Reach your goal first to win!


Level Track basis Goals Opponent Bolt Banners
Race 'n' Chase #1
Radiator Springs Circuit

Player: Right before the entrance to Tailfin Pass

Opponent: In the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre

Fletcher 1
Race 'n' Chase #2
Fillmore's Nature Preserve

Player: At the entrance to the forest

Opponent: Near the bridge toward the exit of the preserve

Vince 1
Race 'n' Chase #3
North Willy's Butte

Player: Under the stone bridge

Opponent: In front of Sarge's SUV Boot Camp

Sheriff 1
Race 'n' Chase #4
Ornament Valley Airport

Player: In front of the Ornament Valley RV Park

Opponent: At the end of the runway

Fillmore 2
Race 'n' Chase #5
Inside the Turkey

Player: In the middle of the turkey

Opponent: In front of the entrance to Radiator Springs

Philip 2
Race 'n' Chase #6
Rustbucket Grand Prix

Player: Inside of the first Rustbucket Tunnel

Opponent: To the left of the Ornament Valley RV Park

Luigi 2
Race 'n' Chase #7
Wheel Well Circuit

Player: At the end of the gulch

Opponent: Inside the mountain

Lenny 3
Race 'n' Chase #8
The Upper Mine

Player: At the end of the banked left turn

Opponent: Inside the second mine

Vince 3
Race 'n' Chase #9
Canyon Run

Player: A little away from the split shortcut

Opponent: At the Boulder Wall

Barry 3


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Russian Салки-Догонялки Salki-Catch-Up


  • Despite the final three levels taking place in Tailfin Pass, the preview icon depicts Fillmore's Nature Preserve, a location in Radiator Springs.
  • Vince is the only character who appears in more than one level in the story mode as the opposing player.
  • Text found within the game's data states that Snot Rod was initially intended to be the player's opponent in the fifth level, but was replaced with Luigi as his high acceleration abilities would make him next to impossible to beat. According to the text, Sarge, Gudmund, and Emma were also considered as choices for the opponent.
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