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Fillmore's Fields is a farm in Carburetor County owned by Fillmore.

It was a location in video game The World of Cars Online. It connected to the Willy's Butte on the North–West and Downtown Radiator Springs on the south.


In 2009, the entire fields were created by Fillmore in Ornament Valley. It consisted of several crop-filled fields with tractors and flowers, and even some buried coins. It was also the new home of the Tractor Tipping fields, where Frank and several other tractors roam. Throughout this area there are rusty drums and corn, that you could've picked up for ten Car Coins each if you have completed Mater's Junk Quest. Also there are two fields for tipping tractors. In one of the fields, Frank is there and if he gets you, player car would be flung out a little ways. The other field has tractors that fall asleep.

There was a race track here called Fillmore's Field Rally, and a game called Fillmore's Fuel Mixin' Area Man.