Fillmore's Fizzy Fuel Hut, Redhood Valley

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Fillmore's Fizzy Fuel Hut, Redhood Valley.

Fillmore's Fizzy Fuel Hut was a organic fuels stand in Redhood Valley, Carburetor County owned by Fillmore. It appeared in The World of Cars Online video game. Players could buy there Fizzy Fuels. It was located next to Redhood Valley Stage.


  • It was located in the place where the celebration of 2010 Party with Sally was held.
  • After it opened, there were two other ones in Willy's Butte and Fillmore's Fields.
  • When Redhood Valley first opened Fillmore stood in front of it and if player clicked on him, he would give them a free fill-up of SBD-NRG.
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