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Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy
Event Information



Fillmore's Taste-In (Levels 1-3)
West side of the Ornament Valley railroad crossing (Levels 4-6)
Luigi's Casa Della Tires and Ramone's House of Body Art in Tailfin Pass (Levels 7-9)


18 Bolt Banners in total


The next level

Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy is a minigame in Cars: Mater-National Championship.


The objective of the game is to complete a certain amount of laps on a given track, without running out of fuel and coming to a halt. In order to keep the vehicle going, the player must collect Fuel Cans - these come in three different versions; small (yellow), medium (orange), and large (red). Each type provides a different amount of fuel, with the yellow one providing the least, and the red one providing the most. Boosting will cause the player to lose fuel at a quicker rate.

In addition to the player, Doc and Mater also compete in all versions of the game, while Fred is also present in the Wii and PC versions. However, since the event is not a race, they serve no purpose other than to lower the amount of available Fuel Cans at a faster pace, thus ending the game sooner and providing a more difficult experience.

All nine levels share the same paths with the nine Road Races. In most versions of the game, completion of three laps is required to win the event, while in the PlayStation 2 version, the minimum is two, and in the PC version, the minimum is four.

In-game description

  • Collect gas cans as you drive:
FFF gas small.png
FFF gas medium.png
FFF gas large.png
  • Don't overfill your tank - that wastes fuel
  • The number on a can shows uses remaining, don't waste them.
  • Drive as many laps as you can!


Since the nine levels use the same tracks as the nine Road Races, three take place in Radiator Springs, three take place in Ornament Valley, and the final three take place in Tailfin Pass. Completing all nine levels will award the player with a sticker for Lightning.

Level Track Bolt Banners earned
Track preview MG FFF RS small.png

Fuel Frenzy #1
Radiator Springs Circuit 1
Track preview MG FFF RS small.png

Fuel Frenzy #2
Fillmore's Nature Preserve 1
Track preview MG FFF RS small.png

Fuel Frenzy #3
North Willy's Butte 1
Track preview MG FFF OV small.png

Fuel Frenzy #4
Ornament Valley Airport 2
Track preview MG FFF OV small.png

Fuel Frenzy #5
Inside the Turkey 2
Track preview MG FFF OV small.png

Fuel Frenzy #6
Rustbucket Grand Prix 2
Track preview MG FFF TF small.png

Fuel Frenzy #7
Wheel Well Circuit 3
Track preview MG FFF TF small.png

Fuel Frenzy #8
The Upper Mine 3
Track preview MG FFF TF small.png

Fuel Frenzy #9
Canyon Run 3


Fuel Frenzy #9 Cutscene

(Lightning McQueen is somewhere where the blue mini game target for the Fillmore's Fuel Frenzy in Tailfin Pass is)
Lizzie: (puts a sticker on Lightning's back spoiler)
Lightning McQueen: "Hey!"
Lizzie: "There you are, hot stuff!"
(the camera shows the new sticker)
Lightning McQueen: "Great! Thanks, Lizzie."
—The cutscene that takes place after Fuel Frenzy #9


  • In the PC version, the tunnel sections of Fuel Frenzy #6 are displayed in night vision, just like in Rustbucket Grand Prix. However, the graphics are displayed normally in all other versions of the game.
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