This article is about the location. For information about the race course, see Fillmore's Nature Preserve (race course).
Fillmore's Nature Preserve
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West of Radiator Springs


Cars: The Video Game
Cars: Mater-National Championship
Cars: Race-O-Rama

Fillmore's Nature Preserve is a small area inside Radiator Springs, owned by Fillmore. There are three entrances - one west of the courthouse, one south of the Drive-In Theatre, and one south of the Cozy Cone Motel. Inside, there are many dirt roads, that connect together behind the Cozy Cone.

It first appears in Cars: The Video Game, where it can be entered in exploration mode. It can also be accessed during several races.

It then reappears in Cars: Mater-National Championship, but Fillmore has closed it to the public and "Road Closed" signs are blocking all of the entrances. It can only being accessed during levels of minigames, and Fillmore's race course of the same name.

In Cars: Race-O-Rama, it appears once again, now available during exploration mode again.


  • In Cars: Mater-National Championship, it has changed quite a bit since Cars: The Video Game. In Cars: Race-O-Rama, however, everything has returned to the way it was in the first game.
  • In Disney Infinity, it is replaced by a field.


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