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The exterior of the house.

Fillmore's Taste-In is Fillmore's house in Radiator Springs. It appears in Cars, Cars 2, Cars: The Video Game, Cars: Mater-National Championship, Cars Race-O-Rama, some of the Cars Toons, Mater and the Ghostlight and The World of Cars Online.


It's a place owned by Fillmore, where he sells organic fuel. On its left is Sarge's Surplus Hut.

At night, it appears to be illuminated by black lights, which gives a unique effect given the Taste-In's vibrant paint job. It also appears in many of the video games, and in the background of some Cars Toons episodes.

Cars Land

In Cars Land, Fillmore's Taste-In serves as a place that sells healthy fruits, vegetables, and juices.

"Chill out with a sip of my refreshing fuel, man. I've got a variety of all-natural fruity flavors!"