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Gudmund is a Swedish rally car from Cars: Mater-National Championship. He is also a champion in his home country, as well as the second competitor that Lightning McQueen meets in the game. In races, Gudmund has very good handling, acceleration, and stability, but falls short with low boost stats.


Cars: Mater-National Championship

Gudmund talking to Lightning.

In Cars: Mater-National Championship, Gudmund makes his first appearance in Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 2, where he is one of the opposing teams with Sonny and Barry.

He then appears in the cutscene for Rustbucket Grand Prix, where he is seen driving out of the tunnel. He then introduces himself to Lightning McQueen and Sarge, and challenges them to a race in the dark tunnel. Lightning says that he cannot race because he has no headlights and that he is scared of crashing, but then Sarge gives him his night vision goggles, so now they can race in the dark tunnel. He races in the race, then in the end-scene, he tells about a story about a monster called the Haunted Hook. Then Lightning tries to introduce him to Mater, but Mater thinks he is the ghostlight, and Gudmund thinks Mater is the Haunted Hook, so they run away from each other.

Gudmund is also seen as an opponent in Stadium Races 2, 3, and 4, as well as Luigi and Guido's Team Relay 4.

Gudmund can be purchased as a playable character in Arcade Mode for 20,000 bonus points, his stats being 2 for boost, 4 for acceleration, 4 for handling, and 4 for stability.

General information

Physical description

Gudmund resembles a Volvo 240 heavily tuned for rallies, with features of a 1971 Fiat 131 Abarth rally car consisting of overfenders, a hood scoop and rear spoiler. He is painted yellow and blue, with four headlights on his roof to help him see better in dark tunnels. On his roof, he has a vertical blue stripe, as well as a sticker that reads "Rallye Moto Car", along with the number 46. He also has a sticker on his left side that reads "Service" and "46".

Personality and traits

Gudmund is a fair and friendly competitor with a good sense of humor, always keeping a cheerful attitude whenever he meets a new challenger in the racing world. While he can be a taunting presence on the circuit, especially with his tendencies to turn around backwards and drive with great skill and agility. His biggest fear is probably the Haunted Hook.

Powers and abilities

As Gudmund is a champion in his home country of Sweden, he is one of the top racers on the circuit, specializing in acceleration and maneuverability, but lacking in boost abilities. As evidenced by his constant driving backwards during races, Gudmund has amazing backwards driving abilities, rivaling the skills of Mater, Emma, Otto, Koji, and Giovanni.


Profiles and statistics

Cars: Mater-National Championship

  • Bios
    • "Gudmund is the reigning rally car champ of Sweden...and a bit of a wild man! He loves to stir things up both on and off the track and takes any challenge head on. With his huge headlights, he's happy kicking up dirt clouds in the middle of the night, even if he's the only one out there. He's got a dry, off-kilter sense of humour, but he's a fair, fun and friendly competitor all the same."[citation needed]
  • Stats
    • Boost: 2
    • Acceleration: 4
    • Handling: 4
    • Stability: 4



  • "Nice trick, right?" - Cars: Mater-National Championship
  • "Let's go fill these treads with some nice desert sand." - Cars: Mater-National Championship
  • "I'm Gudmund, just like it says right there - Gudmund." - Cars: Mater-National Championship
  • "Angry sergeant! Where are you?" - Cars: Mater-National Championship

Names in other languages

  • Polish: Zygmunt
  • Russian: Гудмунд (transcription: Gudmund)


  • The data of Cars: Mater-National Championship refers to Gudmund as "Sven", implying that this was originally intended to be his name, as it is a Swedish name. It is unknown why his name was changed.
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