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Guenther is a reserve driver for the 2006 Piston Cup, racing in place of Greg Candyman. He is sponsored by Tach-O-Mint. He is painted brown and white similar to Greg and bears racing number #117.


Guenther, number 117 (101 in the Xbox 360 version), is the reserve driver for the Tach-O-Mint racing team. He often doesn't do very well in races, as he is found in the middle pack of overlapped cars at Palm Mile Speedway, and the slowest pack at Los Angeles International Speedway. However, he is actually faster than Chick Hicks at Sun Valley International Speedway.


Guenther is painted white and brown, with several illustrations of candy all over his body. His number, 117, is written out on his doors with candy cane designs and on his hood he has the Tach-O-Mint logo surrounded by green, yellow and red sprinkles. The paint scheme was designed by his manager's niece. In the Xbox 360 version, his number is instead 101.


Guenther is the reserve racing driver for the Tach-O-Mint Piston Cup racing team. He is used as a substitution for Greg Candyman when he is sick, or injured.


Video Games


  • In the Xbox 360 version of the game, Guenther's number has been changed to 101, like Greg Candyman.
  • Guenther does not appear in the races Motor Speedway of the South, or Smasherville International Speedway, due to those races having doubles of certain other non-playable Piston Cup racers. This makes him appear in fewer Piston Cup races than any of the other non-playable Piston Cup racers. However, in the Wii version of the game, this issue has been fixed, and he does appear in all five races.


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