Guido Karts
Event Information



Radiator Springs Speedway (1, 9)
Rustbucket Stadium (2)
Santa Carburera (3)
Autovia (4)
Radiator Springs (5)
Ornament Valley (6)
Motoropolis City (7)
Tailfin Pass (8)


Finish Sprint 1 (1)
Finish Guido Kart 1 (2)
Finish Guido Kart 2 (3)
Finish Guido Kart 3 (4)
Finish Guido Kart 4 (5)
Finish Guido Kart 5 (6)
Finish Guido Kart 6 (7)
Finish Guido Kart 7 (8)
Finish Bubba's Bucket Bash (9)


Guido Kart 2 (1)
Guido Kart 3 (2)
Guido Kart 4 (3)
Guido Kart 5 (4)
Guido Kart 6 (5)
Guido Kart 7 (6)
Guido Kart 8 (7)
Guido's alternate paint job (9)

Guido Karts are events in Cars: Race-O-Rama. They are kind of related to Mario Kart.


These races are played as smaller cars and along the track, there are four different power-ups to collect:

  • Ghost: The car temporarily gains the ability to drive through objects and other cars on the track. They cannot go through barriers that keep them on the track, however.
  • Smoke Screen: A big cloud of gray smoke comes out of the back of the car, making it hard for other cars behind them to see.
  • Turbo Charge: The boost meter does not refill by itself, but the Turbo Charge power-up can refill it for the player.
  • Speed Boost: The car's boost meter is refilled and the boost used up right away. Any boost they had from Turbo Charge prior to collecting Speed Boost does not get reinstated.


In story mode, the player plays as Guido in each race. Most of the races are five laps long and the opponents are always Luigi, Mike, Doc Hudson Pitty, Bruiser Bukowski, Not Chuck, Motor Co. Pitty, and Race-O-Rama Girl. On the PlayStation 2 version of the game, the opponents consist of only Luigi, Doc Hudson Pitty and Bruiser Bukowski. Each race is unlocked when a player places in the top three in the previous Guido Kart race and unlocks the area it is in.

Name Location Notes
Guido Kart Race 1 Radiator Springs Speedway
Guido Kart Race 2 Rustbucket Stadium This race is three laps long instead of five, and takes place on the same track as Smash Up 1.
Guido Kart Race 3 Santa Carburera Mike takes Doc Hudson Pitty's place on the PlayStation 2 version.
Guido Kart Race 4 Autovia
Guido Kart Race 5 Radiator Springs This race follows the same track as Auto Cross 2, just without the obstacles.
Guido Kart Race 6 Ornament Valley
Guido Kart Race 7 Motoropolis City
Guido Kart Race 8 Tailfin Pass This is the only event in the game that takes place in the abandoned mine.
Guido Kart Race 9 Radiator Springs Speedway This race is unlocked by placing first in Bubba's Bucket Bash instead of placing in the top three in Guido Kart Race 8. It also unlocks Guido's alternate paint job.


  • Guido is the only car playable in Guido Kart races who has an alternate paint job.
  • This could obviously be a parody of Mario Kart.
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