Chick Hicks congratulating Jackson Storm in his win
Heartland Motor Speedway
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Cars 3

The Heartland Motor Speedway is one of the speedways that hosts Piston Cup races.


In Cars 3, the Heartland Motor Speedway is the second to last race of the 2016 Piston Cup Racing Series, the Bumper Save: Gears and Glory 450 is held.

On the winners' podium, Storm is with RSN announcer Chick Hicks; Chick declares Storm's win over McQueen being easy, and then he mocks McQueen for being slower than the next-generation racer. Then, in another attempt to improve his public image, Storm says that McQueen is a crafty veteran champ, the veteran of the sport and that it takes everything he has got to beat McQueen. McQueen scoffs at this, but then the paparazzi start asking Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze if they will make changes to McQueen to keep him on top, if he is going to try new training methods or if he is prepared to retire. McQueen fends them off by telling them that they are overreacting because it is just a slump and they will defeat Storm next week. Then McQueen tells the reporters that they will make no comments on it, but one of the reporters asks McQueen if he is not even going to make a comment about Cal Weathers retiring. Shocked by this news, McQueen goes to see Cal.

As Cal and his pitties are leaving, McQueen stops Cal and asks him what is going on. Cal tells McQueen that he once asked his uncle when it was time to stop and The King said that it is when the next gen racers tell him to stop. Cal then tells McQueen that they had some good times together and he thinks that he is going to miss that the most, and then he leaves in his truck as a devastated McQueen watches on.

Then Natalie Certain reports the aftermath of the race and says that every week veteran racers have either retired like Cal Weathers just did that night, or they have been fired to make room for the next-generation racers and it is not over yet.


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