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This article is about the event in Cars: The Video Game. For the score in the same game, see High Speed Heist.

High Speed Heist is an event in Cars: The Video Game.


The objective of the game is to take turns playing as DJ, Boost and Wingo, trying to steal Lightning's racing gear from Mack. Each car has a time limit, and players must make it to Mack before time runs out.

First, DJ plays soothing music to put Mack to sleep. Then, as Boost, players have to use a ramp pulled by Snot Rod to jump onto Mack's trailer, causing the back door to open and Lightning's stuff to fall out of it. Finally, as Wingo, they must collect five pieces of Lightning's stuff, but avoid getting hit by anything else.

Event Information

Players will receive five trophies for collecting Lightning's gear, as well as unlock Lightning Strikes Back.


Part 1

Mack: (Hums while driving through the interstate with McQueen's stuff for his next race until the tuners arrive.)
Boost: "There he is. We all set?"
DJ: "Oh, it's on!"
Snot Rod: "ACHOO!!!" (While hauling the ramp for Boost.)

Part 2

(DJ passes in front of Mack.)
DJ: "It's bedtime." (Plays a song that puts Mack to sleep.)
Mack: "Oh, that's nice..."

Part 3

(Boost jumps on top of Mack's trailer causing it to open and drop all McQueen's stuff.)
Boost: "Okay, I'm good. Your turn, Wingo."
Wingo: "On my way!"


Wingo: (After he steals McQueen's items.) "Got the goods, I'm ghosted!" Snot Rod: "ACHOO!!!" Mack: (Wakes up.) "Huh? Wha-" (Boost jumps down in front of Mack until he sees what had happened.) Mack: "Oh no..." (Comes to a stop.)


Name Artist Length Music Track
High Speed Heist Bruno Coon 2:07


  • This is the only event in Cars: The Video Game in which DJ and Boost can be played as.
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