Hip-Hop It Up is a mini-game in Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures.


The cut-scene starts with Lightning McQueen coming to Ramone in front of Ramone's House of Body Art, and he notice that he's dancing. "Wow Ramone. What are you doing?" Lightning asks. "Flo and I are going dancing tonight, so I'm practicing my moves," says Ramone. "Oh yeah," said Lightning. "You know, I've got some great dance moves myself. Check this out!" Then he shows Ramone some of his dancing moves, but Ramone doesn't like them. "Oh, man," said Ramone. "You need help. You're embarrassing me. Let's go around the back so you can dance without everyone watching you." So they went around to the back of Ramone's House of Body Art. "What do you mean?" asks Lightning. "I'm a great dancer." "Aw man," says Ramone. "You got no rhythm. Ramone will show you how to dance with style."


Watch the arrows above Ramone when he performs his dance moves.

Listen really closely to the beat and then time your mouse clicks to the same beats. Each time you do, you'll repeat one of Ramone's moves.

If an arrow turns green, that means you did the dance move perfectly - just like Ramone!

The Game

In the game, you have to do the instructions shown above. There are 5 levels, and the score is kept by points, not time. Also, in different levels, Ramone is painted in different paint jobs:

  1. Purple
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Red
  5. Purple

Legends Races

When you win this event, you unlock the Legends Race secret for Ramone.

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Mini Game

  • When winning the game, you unlock a new paint job.
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