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Hollister is a stock race car, that in 2006, competed in Piston Cup Racing Series for Leak Less team with number 282.


Hollister during Piston Cup race at the Motor Speedway of the South in 2006.

Hollister was a stock race car that lived in the United States. In 2006, he competed in Piston Cup Racing Series for Leak Less team with number 282. During one of the races he hit the wall and had to go to his pit stop for repair.

Physical description

Hollister was a stock race car with a yellow livery with black rear end and stripe on his hood and white sides. He had the number 282 on his sides and roof. Leak Less was on his hood. His eyes were green.[1]

Appearances in the video games

Hollister appears in Cars: The Video Game as one of the Piston Cup racers. He is one of the top five racers in the Palm Mile Speedway, Motor Speedway of the South, and Los Angeles International Speedway events, and performs average in the other two races.

During the Motor Speedway of the South event, there is another identical, significanly slower version of Hollister, which replace Aikens. This issue was resolved in the Wii version of the game, where the duplicate was correctly replaced and Aikens.

Speed and location on the track during game events
Event Speed or location on the track
Palm Mile Speedway (event) Slow
Motor Speedway of the South Very fast
Sun Valley International Raceway Between 11 and 15 place
Smasherville International Speedway Between 11 and 15 place
Los Angeles International Speedway Slow


  • He was based on Claude Scruggs from the Cars film.
  • Hollister uses the second highest known Piston Cup competition number, 282, only lower then 300 used by Leroy Heming. It's the 3rd highest known racing number in the Cars franchise only lower than 300 used by Leroy Heming and 621 used by Idle Threat.
  • In most versions of the game, Hollister's eyes are green, but they are blue in the Xbox 360 version. This is because of an error in loading textures, which caused all the racers to only load with the default eye texture, which are blue eyes, like Joltsen, who is the "default" Piston Cup Racer in the game's files.
  • Hollister and Guenther are the only NPCs to have their sponsor written on their spoilers on the Wii and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
  • Hollister is the only car to have two different bumper texts, both of which are present on all versions. The 2 texts are: "Adult Drip Pans" and "Watch Your Wheels!".
  • On all versions except the Wii and Xbox 360, Hollister loses the sponsor name on both sides of his trunk, making him the only car to have this detail.
  • Hollister is the only NPC to start in the inner row of cars in his top 5 appearances.
  • Hollister and Lee Jr are the only cars to have a different facial expression and a close-up of them in one of the race opening scenes.
    • Hollister is also the only car to have both a front and rear close-up within the five race opening scenes.
  • Hollister's number changes to 52 on his status icon on most versions, and in the Xbox 360 game intro.



About him

  • "Hollister passes Bashman to move up a position."
  • "Hollister passes Suregrip to move up a position."
  • "Looks like Hollister spun out and hit the wall, he's gonna come in for repair!"
  • "Look out! Lee Jr. and Hollister did some rubbin, but neither would give it in."
  • "Suregrip and Hollister are fighting for the position! Neither want to back off!"


Names in other languages

  • Portuguese: Ferreira Jr.

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