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Leak Less race car

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Cars: The Video Game

Hollister is one of the four Leak Less race cars. Hollister is a sport car that is painted yellow, with black lining and a large stripe on his hood. He has the number 282 written on his doors and roof, as well as the Leak Less logo on his hood. He has the number 282 written on his headlights, and has lots of sponsor decals on the back of his door. He also has a black trunk and spoiler.


In Cars: The Video Game, Hollister is one of the top five racers in the Palm Mile Speedway, Motor Speedway of the South, and Los Angeles International Speedway events, and performs average in the other two races.

During the Motor Speedway of the South event, there is another identical version of Hollister, although he is significantly slower. The same thing happens with Lee Jr. and Suregrip, as well as Clarkson in Smasherville International Speedway. This does not happen in the Wii version of the game.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Ferreira Jr. Ferreira Jr.


  • Hollister has the second highest Piston Cup racing number, #282, which is less then LeRoy Heming number, #300.
  • In most versions of the game, Hollister's eyes are yellow, but they are blue in the Xbox 360 version of the game.
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