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I Wanna Be a Monster Too!
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Tow Mater Towing & Salvage

I Wanna Be a Monster Too! is an event in Cars: Mater-National Championship. In this event, Lightning must drive around Radiator Springs searching for spare parts, in order to make Mater into a Monster Truck. Sarge gives him a metal detector, and Lightning must use it to track down and uncover the buried parts.

Part locations

Part Location
SH mon tire icon
Next to the white building near Sarge's Compound
SH mon shoc icon
In the sand next to the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theatre
SH mon tube icon
On the road opposite of the Drive-In Theatre
SH mon diff icon
In the sand behind the Drive-In Theatre
SH mon axle icon
In the sand near the Radiator Springs Courthouse & Fire Department
SH mon whel icon
In the sand near the entrance to Tailfin Pass


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