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Import Mater is a cancelled episode of Mater's Tall Tales. Originally, Tokyo Mater was going to be called Import Mater, but the episode was renamed. It even had a different plot from the final version.


Mater and Lightning McQueen were somewhere, and they saw some imports zoom by. Then Mater says that he used to be an import, but Lightning doesn't believe him. Mater starts his story:

Mater was a modified car, known as the drift king. He was so famous, he had a club, which grew every day. Most of the time, they would cruise around the city. Lightning still didn't believe Mater, but Mater included Lightning in his story now.

Lightning has striked the ground, and Lightning McQueen appeared where the Lightning has stroken. Lightning wants to lead Mater's gang, so he challenges him to a drift off, and the winner will become the drift king. Mater tells his friends that he must challenge Lightning alone. The race started. They were going really fast. They drifted around a corner, and another corner. And then, they saw the police. The police were angry at them.

Lightning asks what happened to them, and Mater says that they, who were imports, got exported!



  • The Polish name for this is Złomek z importu.
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