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Track preview RR 05 small.png
Inside the Turkey
Event Information

Road Race


On a dirt road near the turkey


Finish Ornament Valley Airport


1st place - 8 Bolt Banners
2nd place - 5 Bolt Banners
3rd place - 3 Bolt Banners


Rustbucket Grand Prix (if Team Relay #2 has also been completed)

Inside the Turkey is the fifth Road Race in Cars: Mater-National Championship.

Course layout

Racers will start out on the Ornament Valley main road, and then take a left and drive up a dirt path, until they reach a banked 180-degree turn, which leads into the giant "turkeys" of Ornament Valley. There are several paths that the racers can take, although all of them seem to be equal in length to one another. When the competitors exit, they will drive downhill on a dirt road, make a left, and return to the finish line.

In story mode, the player controls Lightning, whose opponents are Luigi, Philip, Yuri, and Sonny.


Stat Amount
Racers 5
Bolt Banners 8 (1st place), 5 (2nd place), 3 (3rd place)
Unlocks Rustbucket Grand Prix (if Team Relay #2 has been completed)


Right as the player exits, they can stay to the left and drive up a ramp made up of rock, which will send them soaring through the air. This can be used to avoid a slight turn.



  • Like Rustbucket Grand Prix, this event takes place in the morning, though Ornament Valley is only explorable at night when in the hub world.
  • Due to the track utilizing various different paths, the game has a hard time determining where each racer is, and as such, the standings displayed in the upper left-hand corner may be slightly off.

Names in other languages

  • Polish: W Dolinie Indyków
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