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J.d. mcpillar.png
J.D. McPillar
Character Information


Eye color

Green (Film and die-cast)
Brown (Concept art)


Piston Cup race car

J.D. McPillar is the "next-gen" racer for Tow Cap. His number is 4.


In Cars 3, J.D. competes in the 2016 Piston Cup season. He enters the season as a mid-season replacement for the previous Tow Cap racer, Jack DePost. He makes his debut at the Georgia Motor Speedway and finishes in third place. In the Los Angeles 500, he starts in fourth place. For the beginning of the race, he manages to keep fourth place. At some point, he gets overtaken by Jackson Storm, Lightning McQueen, and other next-gens such as Herb Curbler and Daniel Swervez. J.D. can be last seen when he is taking a pit stop with McQueen and Storm. He finishes in thirteenth place.

Early on in the Florida 500, he can be seen being reported by an RSN reporter next to Ed Truncan and Dan Carcia. In the race, he starts in eighth place and manages to stay in the top ten. He does not crash due to him being far up in the pack. Eventually, Cruz Ramirez and Paul Conrev pass him at some point, and he is seen racing besides Aaron Clocker, then overtakes him and passes H.J. Hollis. Later, they both pass him again along with Cruz. Somehow, he manages to stay above Paul Conrev. He finishes in eighth place.


J.D takes his racing career seriously but seems to be really kind, as seen in the beginning of the Florida 500.



  • His name resembles that of the late NASCAR driver J.D. McDuffie, who had passed away in 1991 at Watkins Glen.
  • At one point in Cars 3, J.D. and Jack DePost are mistakenly shown participating in the same race at the Grandol Oil Co. Raceway, despite the former being the latter's replacement.


  1. ↑ Name revealed in the "Next-Gen" Racers 4-Pack of the 1:55 Scale Die-Cast line.