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Jeff Gorvette is a character in Cars 2.


Jeff Gorvette is one of the greatest American racecars alive today. Donning the stars and stripes of his country's flag, the #24 Corvette C6.R has proven his ability to succeed on the big ovals and the road courses of the Grand Touring Sports circuits. Having moved from his hometown of Vallejo, California to Indiana to be closer to the racing world, Gorvette's ability to accelerate at such a young age has turned hoods wherever he competes. His championships and number of victories are unmatched, making him a respected competitor-and legitimate threat-at the World Grand Prix.

Cars 2

Jeff was seen first at the Tokyo welcome party talking with his friends Lewis Hamilton and Lightning McQueen. After the World Grand Prix Tokyo race begins, he started in the 5th position and was also last seen in the Tokyo race in the 5th position. But as well as we can see, Nigel Gearsley finished in the 5th position. In the Porto Corsa race, Jeff was seen in the first part in the 7th position. And later in the second part, he was seen in the 8th position. At the last meters to the finish line in the Porto Corsa race, Jeff Gorvette along with Lewis Hamilton was at the last position. But he must have finished the race, because Shu Todoroki's big crash blocked the track. In the last race in London, Jeff was seen following Nigel Gearsley from the 6th position to the 5th position.


  • Top Speed: 200 mph
  • Zero- 60 mph: 3.6 seconds
  • Engine Type: 7.0- liter LS7 R v-8
  • Horsepower: 590


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  • His name is inspired by Jeff Gordon, a NASCAR driver, who is also his voice actor.



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