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Joey Dundee
General information


  • Air racer
  • Comedian
  • Supply plane (before 2013)
Place of residence


Vehicle information

Racing plane

Registration number


Paint colour

Orange, black, red, yellow

Eye colour


Racing career
Racing competitions

Wings Around the Globe (2013)
Jetsky 100 (2014)


Airscrew Propellers

Competition number


Series information
First appearance


Joey Dundee' is a racing plane, that was a racing pilot competing in air races with number 9. He was sponsored by Airscrew Propellers. In 2013 he represented Australia in the Wings Around the Globe and in 2014 he competed in the Jetsky 100 which he finished in 4th position. He was also a comedian who performed with Wally Roo.


Joey Dundee during start of Wings Around the Globe in New York City in 2013.

Joey Dundee is a racing plane who lived in Australia. He used to make supply runs to remote regions of Australian outback. Thanks to his high-aspect-ratio wings, he was able to fly long distances while using less power than normal planes. He eventually started competing in air races with long-distance races being his strength. His competition number was 9. He was sponsored by Airscrew Propellers. During flights he used an ancient didgeridoo humming technique, taught to him by the locals of the Australian outback, to help him conserve energy for sustained flight. He additionally was a comedian, enjoying telling corny jokes. He would perform with Wally Roo, who was his mechanic during races, and wrote most of their performance materials.

In 2013, Joey Dundee flew to Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. He took part in eliminations to Wings Around the Globe at the Lincoln Airport receiving time 1:23:48 ending 4th from all planes and qualifying to the competition. Later that year, he flew to New York City, United States, where at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, competitions of Wings Around the Globe had started. He started the race from 5th position that was originally reserved for Andor Berg who haven't competed. He finished the first 2 legs of the race flying to Iceland and later to Germany. He got eliminated during the third leg of the race flying from Germany to India, experiencing equipment failure in Dubai.

In 2014 he competed in Jetsky 100 finishing in 4th position.

Physical description

Australian Aboriginal Flag.

He was a plane with high-aspect-ratio wings. His registration plane number was VH-12474. His eyes were brown. He had orange livery with black wings and horizontal stabilizers. On his vertical stabilizer he had painted black and red stripe with yellow circle and black boomerang, referring to Australian Aboriginal Flag. He had yellow word "aussie" written on his front sides. He had yellow and black stripes and dots and yellow number 9 on his sides and logo of Airscrew Propellers under his tail. On his right wing he had green-yellow-green stripe while on left yellow number 9.

His torsos and wings were inspired by Extra EA-300 while chassis by Cessna 402.

Official profiles

  • Long-distance races are the strength of this Australian flier. That's because he got his start making supply runs to the deepest regions of the outback. Joey's high-aspect-ratio wings (like those of a glider or long-distance bomber) allow him to fly long distances with ease while using less power. Joey uses an ancient didgeridoo (pipe-like wind instrument) humming technique, taught to him by the locals of the outback, to help him conserve energy for sustained flight. When he isn't humming, Joey loves telling corny jokes.


2014 Jetsky 100
Wingsaroundglobe.png Starting position at 2013 Wings Around the Globe
Wingsaroundglobe.png 2013 Wings Around the Globe qualifications in Lincoln
Place Time
4th 1:23:48




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