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The Jolly Wrenches are a US Navy Fighter Squadron based on the USS Flysenhower. They are based off the Jolly Rogers.

Known members

Current members

Former members


Glendal Canal

The Glendal Canal was the only known mission of the Jolly Wrenches, and Skipper's only mission. It started out as a typical patrol and recon mission till a member of the Squadron sighted what he thought was one enemy ship. After bagging Skipper multiple times into agreeing with them, they attempted to engage the ship, but the cloud covered what they could not see. By the time they went through, it's revealed that it is not just a single ship, but the entire enemy fleet. Since it's too late to pull back up (as narrated by Skipper), the entire squadron was wiped out by their insane Anti-Air defense and destroyed, leaving Skipper the only survivor, who was fished out by Flysenhower. This mission crippled Skipper to the extent that he was gronded for life, and when re-telling it to Dusty, he regrets "My whole squadron, under my command......"


  • In Russian edition, the Jolly Wrenches are named 'Flying Tire Irons'. It is belivied that drivers use tire irons to fight with car thieves.