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""Oh hey, how you doin' guy, didn't see ya - hey, best of luck to ya.""
—'Chick Hicks' to Joltsen, Cars: The Video Game, [[{{{3}}}]]

Joltsen is one of four race cars that have been known to race for the Nitroade racing team, the others being Aiken Axler, Phil Tankson, and Tim Treadless. He is a stock car that shares the same black and orange paint scheme as Aiken, except his racing number is 52, like Claude Scruggs.


In Cars: The Video Game, Joltsen is seen as one of the competitors in all five Piston Cup races that are played during the story mode. In Palm Mile Speedway, Motor Speedway of the South, and Los Angeles International Speedway, Joltsen mostly performed average, typically placing somewhere between the sixth and eleventh positions. However, Joltsen performed well in Sun Valley International Raceway and Smasherville International Speedway, placing in the top five.

He appears in the cut-scene for Smasherville International Speedway in which he passes by Lightning and Chick in the pits while they are arguing about the incident on Interstate 40. When Chick notices him, he acts natural by wishing him luck in the race.


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